officially a married couple


There is some unwritten law that you agree to when you get married that you will start a blog. Sounds easy, right? Well, apparently not! I have had this blog set up for our little growing family since we have been married (well over a year ago) and had yet make a post! I'm decided to suck it up and start acutally blogging since our life is constantly changing, and I hardly see anyone I love to share it with. So, here we go...I'm officially domesticated!

To catch everyone up on our life:
1. We were married on July 8, 2009 and still like each other quite a bit :)
2. We graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho last April and will be moving to grad school (wherever that may be) for the Fall Semester of next year.
3. We live in Idaho Falls, ID and love every minute of it...except for the bad drivers...
4. All we do is work, work, work, work, and work. And we hate it. We are both, however, motivated people who do what we need to do. But we still hate it :)
5. A little baby girl will be gracing us with her presence in January! We cannot wait for our little Kemry Elle to get here!

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