a week and a half with mama and papa murri


We are on our last bunch of company when it comes to welcoming Tate to the family.
My brother and his wife have been here for a few days {but are now at my parents for a few more before they jet back up here for the weekend}, and just before they got here, Ty's parents flew back to Idaho after a 10 day stay with us here in Minnesota.
We wanted them to be able to play with the grandbabies but also explore what this area has to offer at the same time, and while we ran ran ran ourselves to the brink of crippling fatigue, I think everyone enjoyed themselves :)
Since I am cuddling my little ornery boy who is trying to resist napping {leaving me with one hand to type with}, I am just going to upload a bazillion pictures and let them do the talking for me :)



Running with a chip in her hand to feed a random duck...

...that clearly didn't want the chip as much as K wanted to give it away.



Tate's blessing day. We thought we would take a nice family picture. Tate thought otherwise.


While they were here, little T-man turned one month old.
That might have been the fastest month of my life.

From his appointment:
Weight: 11.2 lbs {75th percentile...chuuuuby!}
Height: 22.3 inches {70th percentile}
Head: 15.2 inches {50th percentile}

Also, Kemry got the flu vaccine through the nasal mist.
It was possibly more traumatic than the shot.
According to Kemry:
"It hurt me in my nose" but it ended up being okay because "I got a big shiny flower sticker. Right there. On my shirt."

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