a few snippets from last thursday...


...when BYU lost.
Talk about an upset husband.
We made a cake to go along with a little family dinner/March Madness party.
When BYU lost, Tyrel sprinkled blood-red food coloring all over the top of it.
Death to the dead team?
I think he was pretty upset.

Before the game, we were all happy and cute, though!

Mady sure adores the baby...

...until she starts crying.
Then Mady decides that Kemry is not so much fun anymore.

kemry says hello.

our favorite baby products


Oh, little girl! You are so spoiled!
Here are the important (and unimportant) baby products that have saved us the past two months. Click on the titles to find out more...

These are awesome. Period.
Since they are of a good size, we can wrap the crap out of our little one.
The more you wash these, the softer they get.
Also, they are nice and lightweight, which is good since Kemry is one little toaster oven when she sleeps.

 Kemry has a few of these, and I adore them
Talk about fast diaper changes now that you don't have to pull off socks and/or pants!
Also, she is right in between newborn and 0-3 month clothing...and all of the pants are too big.
Legwarmers? Problem solved.

They give you green ones in the hospital, and they are the only binkis Kemry will take.
We now have 2 greens, one pink, and one purple.
My lifesavers.

So nice and pretty darn cute.
We had a problem with losing all of our pacifiers every single day.
This are great!

Kemry's head is too small for most headbands, and the ones that fit just look silly on her.
These are so adorable and stick on just right with a little corn syrup.
AND the owner cuts all of her products by hand.

This is not a plug for my job.
The last thing I want to think about on maternity leave is my job.
I honestly just love my nook.
Great for all of those 3 am feeding only need one hand and can turn the page with the swipe of a finger.

Remember this post about the cute little cow?
She still adores it.
This is one of the only ways I can put her down during the day.

Also known as the baby-torture-device.
Sorry Kemry.
Not going to live without this one!

Does it make Kemry sleep better?
I think so.
Does it smell heavenly?
For sure.

ogio computer tote
 I used this in college and was still in pristine condition when we found out we were pregnant.
So it became our diaper bag.
And I adore it.
Sadly, it has been discontinued, so if it breaks, I am out of luck...

Since I didn't buy a diaper bag, I had no travel changing pad.
And I couldn't find one anywhere that I liked.
So I bought oilcloth from oilclothaddict and made my own.
And I like it so much better than any changing pad I have seen included with diaper bags.

When Kemry started to finally get rid of the dreaded baby acne, her skin became so dry and itchy.
I could tell it was just driving her crazy.
Enough so that she would rub her face back and forth on my chest or shoulder so she could itch it.
And it drove me bonkers.
This lotion is so yummy and is so soft and delicate for my tender one.

There you go. This is what makes the world go round in our house nowadays.

you will feel a slight pinch...


...except the doctors never tell you that the "slight pinch" you feel from the needle being jammed into some part of your body feels like the pinch from...well, you know.

Kemry bravely endured her first round of shots today. 
She cried {in agony, really} for only a few seconds and then was totally chill.
We did go home and crash on my bed, though.
Well, Kemry crashed.
I only lasted for about a half hour before I got restless.
So {naturally} I whipped out the camera.

 At least she got two awesome, shiny-foil bandaids.
I never got cool bandaids when I was younger.
And if I did, they were boy ones.
 That is what happens when you are the only girl. 

 Even though she slept through the night last night {pleeeeeeeasssssssse make this a trend..}, she seriously zonked the whole day.
Despite how cute and tranquil she looked as she slept, she woke up screaming and pathetic looking.
It killed me.

She gets to fly with us next week to South Dakota {fingers crossed she doesn't screeeeaaam the whole time}.
Where I get to have some shots, too.
But mine are in my mouth.
With some sweet numbing-agents.
So they can grind down almost every tooth on my top jaw into its own tiny post.
So I can have a bridge put in.
So I don't look like a hick anymore.
Thankfully, my husband is the only one who sees my hick-ish-ness.
And the baby, I guess.
But she is too nice to say anything about it.

Here is a picture to illustrate:
The first bridge I had put in required 4 teeth to be prepped into those sick little buds.
It took about 3 hours.
This time, I have to have 7 { significantly larger} teeth prepped.
My doctor better drill fast, or I will miss Kemry's wedding.
But, with this being bridge-appointment number 2, I will only have one more torture-love-fight with the prosthodontist left to endure.

Then, after lots of awkward teeth, shiny braces, intense jaw surgery, 4 retainers, and $22,000 worth of pearly-white porcelain, I will have the perfect smile.
{Too bad they don't have a buy-one-get-one program.
I would be their most popular client.
Even though I already am.
Like, seriously, guys.
Totally dental-popular}

So, Little Kemry.
This too shall pass.
Until you inherit my curse of congenitally missing teeth.
Then you get the torture-love-fights, too.
With your dentists {I had 3 working on me}, orthodontists {and 2 of these dudes} , maxillofacial surgeon {only one, phew}, and prosthodontist {someday, I will need another one.}
Oh. And all of those shots.
LOTS of shots.
Sorry, sweets.
Until then, know that we will love you, even if you become a dental-freakcase like your mother.

And I will buy you as many girly bandaids as you want :)

a little bit older


The Kemster turned 2 months old today.
I do believe she is growing up too fast.
Brand New:

One Month:
Two Months:

I love you, little one.

slushy accumulation?

I thought spring was supposed to be creeping in?
Oh wait.
I live in Idaho.
Winter lasts for another 6 months here, changing itself just in time for winter to start again.

Luckily we fly home {holla South Dakota!} a week from tomorrow where the weather looks a little more favorable...maybe Kemry won't grow up thinking it is cool to be a hermit after all.

i love daddy


Even though she can only hold his thumb right now :)

we're all mad here


Oooooh, March Madness. You have possessed my husband once again.
Two days down, an eternity to go.
I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?
I lie. I actually tend to enjoy the whole shabang.
Probably because my husband lives for these next few weekends.
Seriously. He might die if anything happens to March Madness.
And I am too young to be a widow.
Even though I kind-of am...just for a month.
At least his second, third, and fourth wives {ie the tv, espn, and cougarfan, respectively} take pretty good care of him while he is dead to the outside world.
Tyrel requested this whole weekend off from work so he could sit and soak-in all the college basketbally-goodness that comes this time of year.
This may or may not have included pizza, 18 wings, screaming {and near crying}, and the attempted "ultimate" viewing set up {ie the nursery tv being brought into the living room for more viewing if a 50-inch plasma with a split-screen of the games and a computer displaying its love-affair with espn isn't enough}. 
But the set-up didn't work.
So we just have to suffer through the 50-inch and computer screen.
Tough life.

We filled out our brackets earlier this week {Tyrel, of course, hoping for upsets; Vandy, of course, just picking teams and asking, "Is that a stupid choice?"; Kemry, of course, having her bracket filled out by which mascot was the cutest...since she is so darn cute herself! }

Kemry didn't last long during the events of the past two days. I guess when you are only 2 months old you get special right in being a party pooper.

I tried my hardest to stay interested too but decided that I needed to will spring to come a little faster. Probably because Tyrel had all the blinds shut and the feel of our apartment turned into that of a bachelor pad.
With a wife who makes you pizza.
And a cute baby.
Both included.

When I realized that all of my hoping and fake-flowers won't make the temperature rise about 40 degrees and cancel the forecast of rain/SNOW showers for this week, I turned to people watching.
Well, person watching.
He is pretty entertaining :)

I am always relieved when I see a smile on his face {because he gets reeeeeaaaallllly mad at times. He likes to say lots of made up Spanish/Dominican words that are not intended to be very nice...and throw game controllers...and slap the couch...}
Oh those smiles are nice!

 This one is courtesy of Brandon, on the other line.
Thank you Brandon.
I will get you a grand Christmas present the next time I draw your name.

In our little family's bracket circle, Kemry is pretty much done for. 
Poor girl.
She just didn't come to this earth with good bracket-picking skills.
The sad thing is that she picked Vanderbilt to win {Vanderbilt's nickname=Vandy...who will win this year's tournament? Vandy {as in sweet momma Vandy...but really Vanderbilt Vandy}, of course}.
And I {being Vanderbilt} totally blew it.
BUT...I {sweet momma Vandy} am currently taking Tyrel down.
Totally winning.
Just sayin'.

In the big family bracket-off, post Round 2 action, I'm hanging in the middle.
Sweet daddy, however, is a little bit lower...

The moral of this story...
When you say naughty Spanish words {even if they don't really exist}, you pay for it with your bracket.
Be warned, Ty.
Be warned.

puppy love


What a great weekend!
My parents, grandmother, and siblings were all able to get together with us and spend some {rare} time together as a whole family.
There was a lot of food, lots of sugary-desserty-goodness {which all got left in our apartment...remember this post about the never-leaving baby fat I am dealing with? Sigh...}, Little Big Planet{2}-ing, reminiscing, and laughing. Even some Sister Wives-ing {pretty sure that guy was our Schwann's Man when I was joke}.
On Sunday, we {including my amazing in-laws} were all able to be together for the Kemster's baby blessing.
While we all had a blast, poor Kemry had to endure hundreds {not joking} of pictures being take of her.
But she was sure cute!!!

She started off tranquil.
Even happy!

But then...

So Belle came to the rescue.
She thought Kemry needed some lovin' {like she didn't already have enough that weekend...golly.}.

She obviously didn't know what to think about all of that. Maybe Belle needed some Plaque Attack* or something. {*currently our favorite infomercial. When you have a baby and are up both really early and really late, you get favorites. Just sayin'...Oh. And the best parts? When the doctor sprays it in her mouth and tries not to gag...and the fluffy orange cat. Obviously not a fan of Plaque Attack. Aaaanywaaaaaay....}.

After pondering a bit...

...and sucking down a bottle with Great-Grandma Borders...


...she cheered up. Thank heavens.

Believe it or not, we even got some cuddle time with the little toot {which she was doing a lot of}!

...aaaaand then she crashed.

Did I mention that she slept through the night on Saturday? 
Of course it was one of the nights my mom volunteered to get up with her.

And it was a one-time deal.


Helloooo 3:30 am...again.

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