goodbye april, hello may


Are you as relieved as I am that tomorrow is May 1st?
April flew by, but that didn't mean it wasn't stressful, snowy, and not my favorite month of the year.

But then I check the weather for the week and realize our beautiful 70 degree bliss will be turning back to 40 degree torture {with the chance of snow Friday?????}, which leaves me completely unmotivated to do anything productive.
We did hit up the park last week.
Kemry was terrified of everything and needed a constant chaperone on every piece of equipment, no matter how inflexible said chaperone's muscles were.

We just got back from a super quick trip down to South Dakota to celebrate my dad's birthday {while throwing in my mom's and Tyrel's as well}.
We had such a great time, but Kemry had a REALLY great time.
As in Grandma-and-Grandpa-put-a-toddler-swing-on-their-deck-just-for-her great time.
She only came off that swing to go play in her little playhouse in the grass or to go to bed {unwillingly}.
We soaked up as much good weather as we could handle, knowing we had another icky week coming at us.

In other unrelated news, I am T-Minus 15 weeks from my due date, so we are heading into full-blown baby mode.
Hospital tours, onesie washing, bottle sanitizing craziness.

And this belly is out of control.
My belly button might even pop out with this one.

Send good belly button vibes my way.

this messy month called april


Does April seem ridiculous to you?
It does to me.
It was always a crazy month growing up since all four of my family members {and our dog, at one point} had their birthdays smooshed into those 30 days of almost-spring.
And, now that I am married, we also have added four Murri members to that list.
Eight birthdays.
It is a good thing I like cake.
A lot.

So, here is the run-down.
The happiest birthdays {in order} to:

-My momsie AND little brother {who share the same birthday...which also happens to be April Fools Day...does that mean Bryan was adopted? We are still waiting for the verdict on that ;) }
 -Jason, who got to celebrate with a new wifey, which is the best thing ever!
-My sweet hubster, who got to celebrate with a not-so-new wifey who is getting pregnant-fat and ate all of his cake by herself.
-Coya, who got to escape this crazy house {from a super fun Easter visit} just in time to celebrate hers.
-Mike, the raddest Father-in-Law ever! Guys. He WON Murri Maddness this year!
{Sidenote #1: I managed to come in 5th out of 30...and Tyrel? Oh. 12th. That's right. 3 years and running of whipping my husband in his own game.}
-Lyle, who gets a fancy new executive job for his birthday present {and has AT LAST quit JCPenney for good...of all of us siblings, he held out the longest at that darn place}
-And last but certainly not least, my sweet daddy, who will get lots of Kemry kisses on his birthday later this month.

I did it.
We love you all!


On a more lame note, we had a nice teaser of spring {where our two-and-a-half feet of snow engulfing our yard COMPLETELY melted}, just in time for Wanda to come through.
But she is way wimpier than they planned, which I am so fine with.
Two inches so far?
It beats MY birthday snowfall {do you like how I tied that all in? You do, don't you?}.
{She did bring some thunder-snow for Tyrel, however, which was a weird first for him}.

It is enough, however, to make our cabin fever burst through the roof.
Poor Kemry has been so bored.
I think she has put all of her toys in time-out about five times each today.
{Sidenote #2, I hope I don't sound as snarky as she does when I put her in time-out...
but she sure sounds sweet when she puts them to bed and says "Sweet dreams!!", so I guess it is a trade-off...}

And, now, as she is in her room for nap-time, she is banging on her xylophone singing "Jingle Bells" as loud as she can.

But spring is coming.
I can feel it.
I can't wait to plant my garden, rip up my flowerbeds, and get awkward sunburns from sitting at the park in our winter-white skin.

But, until then, here are a few pictures of Kemry frantically running to each window in her room telling the snow that it is naughty.
We taught her well.

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