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Oooooh, March Madness. You have possessed my husband once again.
Two days down, an eternity to go.
I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?
I lie. I actually tend to enjoy the whole shabang.
Probably because my husband lives for these next few weekends.
Seriously. He might die if anything happens to March Madness.
And I am too young to be a widow.
Even though I kind-of am...just for a month.
At least his second, third, and fourth wives {ie the tv, espn, and cougarfan, respectively} take pretty good care of him while he is dead to the outside world.
Tyrel requested this whole weekend off from work so he could sit and soak-in all the college basketbally-goodness that comes this time of year.
This may or may not have included pizza, 18 wings, screaming {and near crying}, and the attempted "ultimate" viewing set up {ie the nursery tv being brought into the living room for more viewing if a 50-inch plasma with a split-screen of the games and a computer displaying its love-affair with espn isn't enough}. 
But the set-up didn't work.
So we just have to suffer through the 50-inch and computer screen.
Tough life.

We filled out our brackets earlier this week {Tyrel, of course, hoping for upsets; Vandy, of course, just picking teams and asking, "Is that a stupid choice?"; Kemry, of course, having her bracket filled out by which mascot was the cutest...since she is so darn cute herself! }

Kemry didn't last long during the events of the past two days. I guess when you are only 2 months old you get special right in being a party pooper.

I tried my hardest to stay interested too but decided that I needed to will spring to come a little faster. Probably because Tyrel had all the blinds shut and the feel of our apartment turned into that of a bachelor pad.
With a wife who makes you pizza.
And a cute baby.
Both included.

When I realized that all of my hoping and fake-flowers won't make the temperature rise about 40 degrees and cancel the forecast of rain/SNOW showers for this week, I turned to people watching.
Well, person watching.
He is pretty entertaining :)

I am always relieved when I see a smile on his face {because he gets reeeeeaaaallllly mad at times. He likes to say lots of made up Spanish/Dominican words that are not intended to be very nice...and throw game controllers...and slap the couch...}
Oh those smiles are nice!

 This one is courtesy of Brandon, on the other line.
Thank you Brandon.
I will get you a grand Christmas present the next time I draw your name.

In our little family's bracket circle, Kemry is pretty much done for. 
Poor girl.
She just didn't come to this earth with good bracket-picking skills.
The sad thing is that she picked Vanderbilt to win {Vanderbilt's nickname=Vandy...who will win this year's tournament? Vandy {as in sweet momma Vandy...but really Vanderbilt Vandy}, of course}.
And I {being Vanderbilt} totally blew it.
BUT...I {sweet momma Vandy} am currently taking Tyrel down.
Totally winning.
Just sayin'.

In the big family bracket-off, post Round 2 action, I'm hanging in the middle.
Sweet daddy, however, is a little bit lower...

The moral of this story...
When you say naughty Spanish words {even if they don't really exist}, you pay for it with your bracket.
Be warned, Ty.
Be warned.

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  1. Oh man, I don't know like any teams and I was in the top 3 and now I'm like 18 :(. What the crap!? Well I hope Tyrel is still alive. This March Madness thing is obviously a big deal!


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