Kemry: I am starting to see more and more of myself in this little girl every day. She is slowly looking more like I did but is rapidly acting exactly like I did. Luckily, I was a complete angel of a child ;)

Tate: This guy loves his sister to pieces. He follows her around all day long, doing everything she does. There is nothing more adorable and more hilarious than watching these two. They are my faves!

We are off for a quick weekend at my parents before they move {both Tyrel's parents and mine sold our childhood homes within a month of each other...we feel like misplaced adult children now ;) }, so we wish you a happy holiday weekend!
Also, Fall is cooooooooommmmmming!!



Kemry: I just love this little girl. She is quick to forgive, quick to apologize, and quick to bring a smile to my face.

Tate: This handsome guy just keeps growing up. Boo. His current list of talents includes the words hi, daddy, mama, ball, dog, wow, yeah, various animal noises, a mastery of the stairs {gulp},  and some killer dance moves. He is just so dashing! And dirty. Always dirty.



This poor, neglected blog.
Sometimes I think I should just put the old girl to rest, but I don't think I quite want to part with my space here yet.
I've just be flat out swamped, yo.
I've been taking lots of photos, giving lots of baths, and having some commitment almost every single day for the last who-knows-how-long.
Summer is almost over, so I should enjoy the craziness before we have to hibernate in a few months, but wowza!


Kemry: We have started visiting dance studios so she can start classes next month, and she has been over the moon. She never wants to leave and always asks when we get to go back. She'll certainly be a natural ;)

Tate: Dude turned one, and I'm both heartbroken/overjoyed. I miss the baby stage already, but I think the one-year-old stage is my favorite. He is so hilarious, so cuddly, and so smart already.



It is August.
And this year has flown by faster than any other.
Did you know that Tate turns one on Thursday?
And that I am having a heart attack?
I guess life moves quickly when its going well, so I shouldn't complain that we are having a great summer {although it is mainly just me and the offspring as Tyrel is swamped with everything else in the whole world}.
 I just want a longer summer.
Summer all the time!
And fall.
You can't live without fall.
It's my favorite, ya know?

Kemry: She has a  daughter already. Her name is Sweetie. And she calls me grandma. Sweetie goes everywhere with us, and Kemry even holds her hand. Thank goodness Sweetie is imaginary.

Tate: This guy walks around like he owns the house. He loves to throw our phones in the garbage, imitate a fire truck {weeee-oooo weeee-oooo!!!}, and dances all the time, just like his sister.

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