It is August.
And this year has flown by faster than any other.
Did you know that Tate turns one on Thursday?
And that I am having a heart attack?
I guess life moves quickly when its going well, so I shouldn't complain that we are having a great summer {although it is mainly just me and the offspring as Tyrel is swamped with everything else in the whole world}.
 I just want a longer summer.
Summer all the time!
And fall.
You can't live without fall.
It's my favorite, ya know?

Kemry: She has a  daughter already. Her name is Sweetie. And she calls me grandma. Sweetie goes everywhere with us, and Kemry even holds her hand. Thank goodness Sweetie is imaginary.

Tate: This guy walks around like he owns the house. He loves to throw our phones in the garbage, imitate a fire truck {weeee-oooo weeee-oooo!!!}, and dances all the time, just like his sister.

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