kemry's first christmas


I am now 100% certain that having a baby makes Christmas the best holiday ever.
It was such a precious time!
We were able to spend time with both sides of the family.
That being said, I spend too much time having fun than taking pictures.
Shame on me.
I did catch a few sweet moments on camera, though.
To sum it up:
We made lots of treats {and I ate most of them by myself}.
My dad made Kemry a rocking moose {which she LOVES, of course}.
We drove past a murder scene on our way to Church on Christmas morning {wait, what?}.
Oh, and Kemry started walking.
No big deal.
{There is a short video of that at the bottom, mind you!}

a short story in pictures {4}


 Mmmm. Grandma's sugar cookies.

{She doesn't even know what hit her.}



 A few moments later...

You missed a spot.


My darling baby turned 11 months yesterday.
That means that next month makes one year.
I might cry all day, no big deal.

bath buddies


My mom and dad are here in Idaho, just in time for Christmas!
And wherever my parents go, Belle goes!
Kemry sure thinks Belle is great!

But I guess Belle hasn't made up her mind yet...

3rd moment of christmas


Tree time!

Kemry especially loves these...

Sparkly and round? 
She has found her new favorite toy.

2nd moment of christmas


Quick dinner at Five Guys
with the Kemster
who loves soda
but we aren't telling.

the thing about birthdays...

12.09.2011 that I love them.
Especially other peoples.

But mine is okay, too :)

We spent all day today doing things that 24-year-olds are supposed to do (?)

{1} Breakfast at Smitty's
{2} Thrift shopping, although this bunny did not make it home with us
{3} Flowers from my darling parents
{4} Cuddle time with my two loves
{5} Dinner at Stockman's {yummmm}
{6} Chilly decorations at Snake River Landing
{7} 15th Edition Settlers of Catan? {duh}
{8} Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake {a la Coldstone and much begging}

The Kemster was wonderful all day.
She even slept in!
How kind!

We also woke up to balloons and banners {courtesy of my brother and his darling wife}, hit up the mall {twice}, scored some freebies, and chatted with the in-laws.

It was crammed full of awesomeness.
It might have been my favorite birthday ever.
That is saying a lot.
Because I have had some swanky birthdays {getting kidnapped and thrown in the trunk of a car, being crooned to by an amazing impromptu acting group, etc}.
This birthday was actually supposed to be spent at a Boston Celtics game in Utah {as they would have naturally taken down the Jazz}, but we all know that that didn't happen due to the biggest party of butchman-egos known to mankind.

But this one was quaint.
And quiet.
But so packed-full of happiness that it might just top all others.
A whole day with my husband  and baby!
Lovely, I tell you!

PLUS, yesterday, Tyrel sealed the deal on a mega-awesome sale at work that will certainly make for a very Merry Christmas for our cute-as-a-button family.
AND my parentals are prepping for a trip out this direction to spend the week-and-a-half leading up to Christmas with us.
Which is the best thing ever, since seeing my parents only twice-a-year gets a little hard on my sad little heart.

Birthdays rock.

12 moments of christmas


Tyrel and I never see each other.
We work opposite shifts
which is great
since we can spend time more time with Kemry...
but it means that we are pretty much single-parents most of the time.

This Christmas we decided we would join {quite a few in} the married world
and go on 12 dates for Christmas.

And then we laughed.
What are those?

We decided to have 12 "moments" of Christmas
{most with baby, of course}.

Our first "moment" was making some frozen hot chocolate
{which I don't know what we were thinking...
pretty sure we are number 18 on this list}
and catching-up on all of the junk on our DVR.

Mine was superior to Tyrel's, however.
{thank you very much, dear candy cane}

baby carter


My sweet friend {and almost relation?} Kimberly recently had the most precious little boy.
He is so cuddly and lovely!
The parents are amazing, so it is no wonder they had such a perfect little one!

kemry's first tea party


While daddy fixed Grandma and Grandpa's sound system, the Kemster and I enjoyed some fake tea.
And real toast {for she has to eat actual food for lunch, duh!}.

Thanks to the hubby for catching this cute moment with his phone!

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