cheesing out


I know, I know.
Three posts in one day.
What am I thinking?

Tyrel showed me this, and I just had to share it.
One of his friends from High School just had her 3rd daughter, and her husband made this darling video welcoming her into the world.
It just adds to my baby-hungriness...
{except Kemry was a brat today so I guess her crappier-than-whatever-attitude and this video cancel each other out}

deepest thoughts from my husband

As we were driving to Blackfoot to pick up my stranded, car-broken-down little brother today, Tyrel and I were enjoying a few moments alone.
Just us.
No baby.
It was a quiet drive. 
Also nice.
But quiet.
And pleasant. 
And rather quite.
After a few minutes of silence, Tyrel turns to me and says,
"I think potatoes are really cool."
I turned and looked at the happiest, most serious but extremely bright eyes.
And burst out laughing.

I think this seals the deal.
I married the cutest Idaho boy ever made.

a little bit of a lazy day

for the record...


...this cute little girl... named Kemry.

This is the man who chose the name...

A good number of you thought that we named our daughter Kermy.
This is Kermy.

Now that we have that settled, I hope you all had a great Saturday!

when i said i wanted more babies...


...I truly meant it.
But not just any kind of baby.
A human baby.
It seems that Mother Nature decided that we should be "blessed" with another baby...
...but not of our own...

Do you like the green water? I'm so glad they like to sit in their own fecal matter.
These stupid pigeons never go away.
Last year, they plopped a little egg in our tomato plants that were growing in our balcony pots.
I made Tyrel scoop it up and take it down into the grass...and the next day it was gone
{Thanks to a lawnmower or hungry dog, I couldn't tell which}.
This year, there has been a delay in planting our cute little balcony garden, due to Idaho's weather-tantrums.
Did that keep these morons away?
They had already had another little nest {with egg, of course} in one of our pots a few weeks ago.
That egg just disappeared one day.
I thought that maybe we had seen the end of these evil white balls of terror.
We had already had our pigeon-egg-fest of the year.
This morning, I hear Tyrel whistling and filling up a glass of water.
Then I see him sneak quietly to our deck...
...and all of a sudden he turns into a mad-man and throws the door open, chucking the water out and making weird "scary" noises at the same time.
He then slowly closes the door, turns around, and says, "I don't think they like our water."
Thus, we found another egg.
There might not be anything I hate more than pigeons.
Well, actually, I do hate the feeling of egg whites/yolk on my hands more.
Oh goodness exclamation mark!
 What a coincidence !

four monthsies


Four months?
Just Ridiculous.
But, no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to stop her from growing up.
My little one is 4 months old {and one day, to be exact, because I know you were wondering}.
In addition to sleeping, pooping, and eating, she now rolls over.
You can't get her to stay in one place.
And there is a chance she is teething, too.
Oh my heart might explode.
{Which I seriously can't afford right now, on top of the postpartum hair-loss that makes me feel like I need Rogaine and those last few babychubbs that I'm still working on slimming off}.
It has been a great 4 months, however.
The best of my life. 
It makes me want another baby...
Way later.
I would totally make it sooner...
Um, but could I get a side order of sleeping-through-the night and no-breastfeeding-woes?
You wouldn't even have to give me mac&cheese-out-of-the-nose-at-2am {or any morning sickness, for that matter} and poopy-blowouts-on-my-new-jeans because, hey, I've already had those, and I'm willing to give them to someone else.
Just because I'm that nice.
Oh. And if you could also skip the my-fluctuating-hormones-make-me-seem-bipolar and holy-stretch-marks-on-my-hips, I would really appreciate it.
Oh, the agony!
Let's not talk about it for another year.
All in all, though, I 110% thrilled to give all of my attention to this little one:

Tomorrow she has to brave more shots, but I have to be at work.
That means Tyrel has to daddy-up and hold her while she screams.
Poor Daddy.
I almost feel worse for him than for her because it just punches you in the gut.
To console her, however, she will get her first taste of baby cereal that night.
Oh well.
It will give her some more leg-rolls to kiss on.
And I sure love me some Kemry-leg-rolls!

do you like my 'stache?


Coya threw a little Cinco de Mayo party earlier this month.
Let's just say there were fake moustaches involved.
 I didn't have my camera with me, so, thanks to Coya, here are pictures of my lovely family.

Holy Crap. Adorable.

Thanks, Coya!

weddings, mommies, and wicked


And by weddings, I mean wedding.
We were able to drive down to Salt Lake to see my cousin get married.
And it was so beautiful!
She and I are really close in age, so we were practically inseparable when we were little.
I am so happy for her!
I only got a few photos, unfortuantely.
It was snowing out, and we had to stick inside as much as possible to keep the little Kemdiddlediddle warm, thus slowing my trigger finger.
Here are some lovely pictures of Nicole {that I did not take {but thanks to the extended family I stole them from!}}

We did manage to snap a few shots of our own, though.

Kemry was a little zonked out while we walked around.
She loves cuddling with daddy.
Oh Mother's Day.
It was special in its own way...
But I made mine terrible on my own.
Let's just say that Mother's Day made me realize how much I really wanted to stay at home with my baby instead of work all day.
Every day.
Other than my self-induced sadness and an icky tummy-ache that I couldn't shake, Mother's Day was great.
And Kemry was adorable.

Tyrel and I couldn't help but take this next picture...


This past weekend featured a trip to Boise to {finally} see Wicked.
There is no need to talk about the show because it was amazing.
Even the boys liked it.

Kemry did a lot of this....

And this...

And this....
Oh wait.
That would be screaming.
I was too aggravated to take a picture of her practicing her banshee-impression. 
Overall, however, she did pretty well.

We made a stop at Shoshone Falls to stretch....

...and eventually made our way to the hotel...
...saw the show...
...took Kemarama swimming...
...shopped and ate...
...and made the long drive back home...

Now I am spending my last day off for this week tending to a ridiculously grouchy baby.
But she is still a cute, ridiculously grouchy baby.
And she is aaaaaaallllllllll daddy's tonight.

a boost in my self-worth


Today we stopped by my in-laws to get some potatoes.
{How do we not have any in our apartment is beyond me. We live in Idaho, for crying out loud. They practically fall out of the kitchen faucet around here.}
They were downstairs watching Lord of the Rings, right in the midst of the battle scene with Orlando Bloom fighting nasty, snot-covered goons and evil elephants.
Tyrel and I love some LOTR, so we casually joined them.
After watching some non-stop Orc action, Tyrel leaned over and whispered, seriously, gently, tenderly in my ear...
"You are so much better-looking than those guys."

Ladies and gentlemen, you can't beat that kind of love.

yo mamma


Happy Mother's Day to all of you lovely mommylous out there!
Especially to my mom.
Thanks for teaching me how to be a daughter, friend, sister, wife, and, most importantly, a mother myself.
Thanks for letting me draw embarrassing pictures on your computer desktop.
Thanks for telling me that you would love me, even if my arm grew out of my forehead.
Also, thanks for giving me some rocking genetics to produce one cute baby.

Aww sweet.
And since it is Sunday, here is something inspiring about motherhood.

I love you, mom!

since maternity leave can't be a full-time job...{yet}...


...I had to go back to my old one.
Oh shoot.
I was hoping with every fiber of my being that I could just stay at home with the little Kembot, but it just didn't work out that way.
I have, however, survived my first week back. 
I guess it is a good thing that I don't completely despise my job.
And I suppose it is good that Tyrel gets to spend a little more time with her, even though it is only one day extra per week.
My little girl always needs more daddy time.

I am slightly concerned, however, that he is creating a cute little monster.

Here she is, just chilling in our living room.
Watching the Travel Channel.
Like it is no big deal.

I can't keep her eyes off of that darn TV. 
She just rolls over or scoots around until she can see it.
Right now, as a matter of fact, she is wrapped up in the Celtics/Heat game.
And cooing.
Actually, she is pretty much cheering them on.
What are you doing to our daughter?

Oh well. I guess this means I can enroll our boys in ballet.

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