when i said i wanted more babies...


...I truly meant it.
But not just any kind of baby.
A human baby.
It seems that Mother Nature decided that we should be "blessed" with another baby...
...but not of our own...

Do you like the green water? I'm so glad they like to sit in their own fecal matter.
These stupid pigeons never go away.
Last year, they plopped a little egg in our tomato plants that were growing in our balcony pots.
I made Tyrel scoop it up and take it down into the grass...and the next day it was gone
{Thanks to a lawnmower or hungry dog, I couldn't tell which}.
This year, there has been a delay in planting our cute little balcony garden, due to Idaho's weather-tantrums.
Did that keep these morons away?
They had already had another little nest {with egg, of course} in one of our pots a few weeks ago.
That egg just disappeared one day.
I thought that maybe we had seen the end of these evil white balls of terror.
We had already had our pigeon-egg-fest of the year.
This morning, I hear Tyrel whistling and filling up a glass of water.
Then I see him sneak quietly to our deck...
...and all of a sudden he turns into a mad-man and throws the door open, chucking the water out and making weird "scary" noises at the same time.
He then slowly closes the door, turns around, and says, "I don't think they like our water."
Thus, we found another egg.
There might not be anything I hate more than pigeons.
Well, actually, I do hate the feeling of egg whites/yolk on my hands more.
Oh goodness exclamation mark!
 What a coincidence !

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