There has been a lot of posting about little Tate lately on this here blog and not so much about Kemry.
Don't start thinking that she has quieted down.
Just the opposite, actually.
I think getting a brother has magnified her personality about 150%.
That girl sure keeps me on my toes!
For example:

...wearing my shoes all the time...

...becoming a tattoo artist...

She drew a picture of me and a little heart to go with it. I think she really captured my beauty.
She is also in love with my lipstick. All tubes have now been hidden for the sake of our clothing and walls :)

Her {French} snowman. Its my favorite.

We needed Kemry to eat a bazillion oreos for one of Tyrel's homework assignments.

She happily obliged.
As for her updates:
-She is fully potty trained with the occasional bed-wetting at night.
-She is the only kid in her swim class, but she is already a little tadpole. She even swims about 10 feet all by herself.
-She is super sassy and extremely smart.
-She is also so very caring. The minute Tate starts crying she is by his side to calm him down.
-She is a little too friendly with strangers. Anytime someone comes to the door {the UPS man, for example}, she begs them to come inside and play.
-Her bangs are aaaaaaaalmost long enough to stay behind her ears. This has taken FOREVER, folks. I refuse to trim them because we are soooooo clooooose.
-She is still obsessed with Halloween and won't stop talking about it. I think we will end up having Christmas for about 6 months at this rate.

three months.


Mr. Tate turned three months old last Friday.
And let me tell you, he is just the sweetest thing.
All his does is coo, squeak, and sigh.
{And poop, but, hey.}
He is so squishy and soft and adorable and ohmygoodnesswelovehim!

raking leaves and motherly instincts


There is a new study that proves you have a set of muscles in your body reserved for raking leaves.
I was the sole creator/instructor/participant of said study, and after 12 30-gallon bags full of leaves {from just our front yard alone}, I can state with confidence that it is true {false, but who really cares, right?}.
I unfortunately had to tackle the task 99% alone since Ty works all day and it starts to get dark around 5.
Every time little T-man crashed for a nap, Kem and I put on all of our cold-weather gear and got our fall on.
Thankfully, we survived, minus one incident where, from out of nowhere, a random man with crazy hair quickly parked in front of my house, hopped out of his car, and made a b-line toward Kemry. 
I made it to her first, ready to break his shins in.
{It turns out he lived up the hill from us and wanted to cut down one of our trees? I only listened to about 10% of the conversation because I was ready to all South Dakota on him {Is that a thing?}. All I know for sure is {1} I was ready to poke his eyes out if he touched one of us and {2} one of our trees has now been cut down. Maybe I was a little dramatic? 
NO. The answer is NO.}

Here is to surviving both fall and crazy supposed neighbors we have never met!

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