There has been a lot of posting about little Tate lately on this here blog and not so much about Kemry.
Don't start thinking that she has quieted down.
Just the opposite, actually.
I think getting a brother has magnified her personality about 150%.
That girl sure keeps me on my toes!
For example:

...wearing my shoes all the time...

...becoming a tattoo artist...

She drew a picture of me and a little heart to go with it. I think she really captured my beauty.
She is also in love with my lipstick. All tubes have now been hidden for the sake of our clothing and walls :)

Her {French} snowman. Its my favorite.

We needed Kemry to eat a bazillion oreos for one of Tyrel's homework assignments.

She happily obliged.
As for her updates:
-She is fully potty trained with the occasional bed-wetting at night.
-She is the only kid in her swim class, but she is already a little tadpole. She even swims about 10 feet all by herself.
-She is super sassy and extremely smart.
-She is also so very caring. The minute Tate starts crying she is by his side to calm him down.
-She is a little too friendly with strangers. Anytime someone comes to the door {the UPS man, for example}, she begs them to come inside and play.
-Her bangs are aaaaaaaalmost long enough to stay behind her ears. This has taken FOREVER, folks. I refuse to trim them because we are soooooo clooooose.
-She is still obsessed with Halloween and won't stop talking about it. I think we will end up having Christmas for about 6 months at this rate.

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