raking leaves and motherly instincts


There is a new study that proves you have a set of muscles in your body reserved for raking leaves.
I was the sole creator/instructor/participant of said study, and after 12 30-gallon bags full of leaves {from just our front yard alone}, I can state with confidence that it is true {false, but who really cares, right?}.
I unfortunately had to tackle the task 99% alone since Ty works all day and it starts to get dark around 5.
Every time little T-man crashed for a nap, Kem and I put on all of our cold-weather gear and got our fall on.
Thankfully, we survived, minus one incident where, from out of nowhere, a random man with crazy hair quickly parked in front of my house, hopped out of his car, and made a b-line toward Kemry. 
I made it to her first, ready to break his shins in.
{It turns out he lived up the hill from us and wanted to cut down one of our trees? I only listened to about 10% of the conversation because I was ready to all South Dakota on him {Is that a thing?}. All I know for sure is {1} I was ready to poke his eyes out if he touched one of us and {2} one of our trees has now been cut down. Maybe I was a little dramatic? 
NO. The answer is NO.}

Here is to surviving both fall and crazy supposed neighbors we have never met!

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