baby girl's first easter


I say this like it is a big deal.
Cause it is.
Every "baby's first" is a big deal?

Kemry didn't do much...


{Seriously. Those are the only pictures I am putting on here of her!}

...but Mady did.

And Tyrel was practically in heaven, too.

And that was our Easter.
The End.

what i am thinking about this sunday {3}


I am so thankful for the unconditional love of my Savior and for the sacrifice He made for me.
And you.
I hope everyone has a great Easter!

happy threemonthday, kemster!


My little baby is three months old today.
She gets more precious every single day.

I still can't believe that I have little girl.
I never get sick of thinking about that!

Recent Developments:
-The car seat is the ultimate torture device, no matter how hard we try to make it "fun" for her.
-She lights up when she sees her parents {and they love it most definitely}, and she follows us with her eyes as we walk around the room.
-She loves to gnaw on her left hand. It was cute, but now she has little raw spots on her fingers.
-She eats like nobody's business. And toots like it, too. Sometimes I think she should have been a boy.
-She almost prefers her bottle cold rather than warm.
-She is starting to reach and grab things. She also kicks and scoots around so she is never in the same position you leave her in.
-She loves to hear herself scream and coo.
-She loves to sit up, whether it is in her Bumbo or on our laps.
-She is getting so close to rolling over...she does it from front to back every once in a while.
-She is growing up waaaaaay too fast for my liking.

kemry divorces her cowhunk

Remember when Kemry had a crush on the little cow that hangs from her swing?
Yeah, well, they must have had a falling-out or something.
She has moved on.
And this time, she is obsessed with a cute little bear-snugglie-blanket that Lyle and Melissa got for her while she was in the NICU.
She gets all in a tizzy when we give it to her and loves to shove as much of it in her mouth as she can.

Ain't this cuteness just a kick in the pants, McGee?
I think so.

mady and kemry conquer the pool {or rather, a post with 21 pictures of baby-swimsuit-goodness}


...and by conquer, I mean not really.
...and by pool, I mean hot tub...that was bath temperature.

Kemry and I took a short trip to Twin Falls with Tyrel's mom, grandma, and sister {with her little one, too, of course!}.
Despite the grouchy babies and the icky weather, we had a blast.

The highlight {of course} was the pool.
While Mady  had experienced the pool before, it was little Kemry's first time.
Aaaaaaand she was pretty placid.
But I guess that is better than her screaming.
Mady was so excited to get to the pool all day long but was a little scared when she actually got in.
Talk about one cute little death-grip.


the correct way to eat an oreo


There is only one correct way to eat Oreos.
Thanks to Amy Worthington, Tyrel and I were informed of our incorrect dipping and munching.

Here, my friends, is the correct way to eat an Oreo.
{Today, Golden Oreos sounded just a little more scrumptious than regular Oreos.}

1. Place Oreo on a fork.

2. Dip Oreo completely into a cup of milk {preferable Reed's Whole Milk...mmmmm}.

3. Wait until all of the bubbles stop coming from the Oreo.

 3. Eat.
 Thanks, hottie hubby.

 What does this method solve?
-Milk/soggy cookie on fingers
-Dropping cookie in milk {and even if it does fall in, you can fork it out}
-Multiple dippings to soak whole can eat it in one bite.
-Half-soaked/half-crunch cookie...the bubbles tell you when it is done

Seriously. I will never eat Oreos the same.
And neither will some of our friends.
And, as for this little one...

...she can't wait to eat Oreos on forks, too.

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