Kemry has finally taken to her swing {shall we sing praises?!?!?}.
This means that I have an increased percent chance of getting things done during the day.
Why does she like her swing, you ask?
Because of these little guys:

Tyrel and I were watching tv one day while baby was getting her swing on...I looked over to see how she was doing, and she was totally cheesing out. Like hardcore.
We thought she was smiling at nothing-in-particular at first, but then we realized it was the cow.
Now she likes to look back and forth between the cow and chick as she lets her gummies show.

Pretty sure she is adorable.
Even when she gets mad.

Look at that lip.
But then...

...not quite as adorable. 
Rather loud actually.
But still cute :)

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  1. That pouty lip is definitely one of my favorites. :) s


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