you will feel a slight pinch...


...except the doctors never tell you that the "slight pinch" you feel from the needle being jammed into some part of your body feels like the pinch from...well, you know.

Kemry bravely endured her first round of shots today. 
She cried {in agony, really} for only a few seconds and then was totally chill.
We did go home and crash on my bed, though.
Well, Kemry crashed.
I only lasted for about a half hour before I got restless.
So {naturally} I whipped out the camera.

 At least she got two awesome, shiny-foil bandaids.
I never got cool bandaids when I was younger.
And if I did, they were boy ones.
 That is what happens when you are the only girl. 

 Even though she slept through the night last night {pleeeeeeeasssssssse make this a trend..}, she seriously zonked the whole day.
Despite how cute and tranquil she looked as she slept, she woke up screaming and pathetic looking.
It killed me.

She gets to fly with us next week to South Dakota {fingers crossed she doesn't screeeeaaam the whole time}.
Where I get to have some shots, too.
But mine are in my mouth.
With some sweet numbing-agents.
So they can grind down almost every tooth on my top jaw into its own tiny post.
So I can have a bridge put in.
So I don't look like a hick anymore.
Thankfully, my husband is the only one who sees my hick-ish-ness.
And the baby, I guess.
But she is too nice to say anything about it.

Here is a picture to illustrate:
The first bridge I had put in required 4 teeth to be prepped into those sick little buds.
It took about 3 hours.
This time, I have to have 7 { significantly larger} teeth prepped.
My doctor better drill fast, or I will miss Kemry's wedding.
But, with this being bridge-appointment number 2, I will only have one more torture-love-fight with the prosthodontist left to endure.

Then, after lots of awkward teeth, shiny braces, intense jaw surgery, 4 retainers, and $22,000 worth of pearly-white porcelain, I will have the perfect smile.
{Too bad they don't have a buy-one-get-one program.
I would be their most popular client.
Even though I already am.
Like, seriously, guys.
Totally dental-popular}

So, Little Kemry.
This too shall pass.
Until you inherit my curse of congenitally missing teeth.
Then you get the torture-love-fights, too.
With your dentists {I had 3 working on me}, orthodontists {and 2 of these dudes} , maxillofacial surgeon {only one, phew}, and prosthodontist {someday, I will need another one.}
Oh. And all of those shots.
LOTS of shots.
Sorry, sweets.
Until then, know that we will love you, even if you become a dental-freakcase like your mother.

And I will buy you as many girly bandaids as you want :)

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