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What a great weekend!
My parents, grandmother, and siblings were all able to get together with us and spend some {rare} time together as a whole family.
There was a lot of food, lots of sugary-desserty-goodness {which all got left in our apartment...remember this post about the never-leaving baby fat I am dealing with? Sigh...}, Little Big Planet{2}-ing, reminiscing, and laughing. Even some Sister Wives-ing {pretty sure that guy was our Schwann's Man when I was joke}.
On Sunday, we {including my amazing in-laws} were all able to be together for the Kemster's baby blessing.
While we all had a blast, poor Kemry had to endure hundreds {not joking} of pictures being take of her.
But she was sure cute!!!

She started off tranquil.
Even happy!

But then...

So Belle came to the rescue.
She thought Kemry needed some lovin' {like she didn't already have enough that weekend...golly.}.

She obviously didn't know what to think about all of that. Maybe Belle needed some Plaque Attack* or something. {*currently our favorite infomercial. When you have a baby and are up both really early and really late, you get favorites. Just sayin'...Oh. And the best parts? When the doctor sprays it in her mouth and tries not to gag...and the fluffy orange cat. Obviously not a fan of Plaque Attack. Aaaanywaaaaaay....}.

After pondering a bit...

...and sucking down a bottle with Great-Grandma Borders...


...she cheered up. Thank heavens.

Believe it or not, we even got some cuddle time with the little toot {which she was doing a lot of}!

...aaaaand then she crashed.

Did I mention that she slept through the night on Saturday? 
Of course it was one of the nights my mom volunteered to get up with her.

And it was a one-time deal.


Helloooo 3:30 am...again.

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