Kemry: She gets a new HUGE box of sidewalk chalk at the start of every summer, and it quickly disappears. We make a point to go outside and color at least once a day. Don't tell Tate, but it might be my favorite part of the day ;)

Tate: Speaking of Tate, this guy is all over the place. It is nice to have him walking because it finally gives him some independence {any of you that know him know that he is very much a mama's boy, so my arms are finally feeling a little relief!}, but he just gets into everything SO much faster. What a sweet blessing he is, though!

The Dominican Republic, Part Four: I'm Out of Puns So Insert Yours Here


Since our trip was almost forever ago and my tan lines are already gone {sad day}, I guess I should wrap up our trip.
This one is far more boring.
So sorry.

And now you get to look at lots of golfing pictures.
Y'all are so lucky.
I am not a golfer.
My athletic ability is about that of a newborn child.
Except the child is better.
But I got the drive the golf cart and read, so it was win-win.
The cheap course on the resort was nice for Tyrel to warm up his skills {he hasn't golfed since we moved to Minnesota, poor kid!}.

 And then we headed over to Punta Espada. 
The boys paid a pretty penny to golf this posh course, so they went twice that day, just to get their max worth out of it.

 And the view wasn't bad either, I guess ;)

 Do you guys watch The Bachelorette?
We totally do {and are somewhat ashamed/not at all ashamed to admit it}.
So, last episode.
Remember how Andi and Nick took a helicopter to that nice, private island in the DR?
We totally took a catamaran there.
Saona Island was beautiful {even though the excursion was overpriced, like all of them really}.
We got to ride on our catamaran with a whole bunch of people getting tipsy {the crew were all shocked that we didn't want any rum in our Pepsi}, snorkel in the water, eat some yummy food, and cuddle with some starfish.

After we had gotten back on the bus, they announced that they had customized bottles of rum for sale and that they were going to hand around a few samples to look at.
On the entire charter bus, there were three white couples: Brandon and Kristen, Tyrel and myself, and a couple sitting in front of us.
And, of course, the three samples all had our pictures.
Because we were white.
And had money.
Too bad they wasted that on poor, college-debt ridden Mormons.
{And, while most Dominicans live with hardly anything, these tour guides/pushers do just fine, thankyouverymuch, so we didn't buy into their "We can't feed our families!" excuses}.

 And that's the end!
We flew back home {in first class, booya! Thanks credit card points!} to cuddles our babies.
It was the best vacation in the whole world, seriously.
I completely urge everyone to do something like this.
Save the $20 a month until you have enough put away in a few years.
They are so cute when you come back to them ;)

Adios, DR!

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