Have you guys been crazy busy, or is it just me?
And with really nothing in particular?
I mean, we have had friends get married, some have babies, some come into town.
And then we had a holiday, went OUT of town, had an anniversary, and are getting Tyrel ready for his residency coming up.
So, yeah.
I think I still have the last Dominican Republic post to do?
It came down to doing that or showering this week, and by golly I finally took a shower.
You are so welcome!

Tate: is all over the place. You can't keep him still or out of anything, and I seriously love it. This is one of the most fun ages ever. He is also getting two new teeth and is soooooo close to walking. He does just fine until he realizes you aren't holding him anymore and then freaks out. That boy.

Kemry: is such a good big sister. We often find toys in Tate's crib that she has given him throughout the night, just to make sure he is happy. Melt my heart!

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