Tate: is wiggly.
Kemry: is hillarious.

And I sure do love them both.



One photo, two kids.

Tate: Poor little guy is sick. Right along with me. I have had the cold of my life this week {and just before our vacation, wouldn't you know...}, and right around 3 am this morning it hit this little guy. He's got the fever; I've got the body aches. We make a good pair.

Kemry: This little one has managed without the curse of the evil cold so far and was so excited when I told her she could watch tv aaaaaallllllllllllllllllllll day if she wanted, just so I might squeeze in a nap or two. If you ever need a kid to take care of you while you are on the med, you want this girl. I have had so many check-ups, cuddles, and kisses. She's the best.

Also, I am feeling MUCH better and back to almost full health when I learned today that the forecast in the Dominican Republic is showing some SUN while we will be there! Seriously, it has been raining there for a month straight. I think Vitamin D is better than Vitamin C for colds anyday ;)



Kemry: This little girl is so smart with a side of ornery. Also, upon hearing a man yell a certain obscenity in the Target parking lot this morning, she decided she needed to repeat it all the way home. While IN Target, a walk past the bra section as we headed toward the baby department turned into a waterfall of  comments about boobies the rest of the trip. Sigh.

Tate: Dude is on the cusp of crawling, getting his first teeth, and standing on his own, all in the past week. He keeps us super busy, but he is so squishy and delicious.



Kemry: We spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa's house, and Kemry was just in heaven. The weather was decent, a little chilly for my taste, but she couldn't get enough of being outside.

Tate: This guy loved being outside, too. Give him a bucket of toys, and he could play happily on the deck forever. We leave for vacation in a few weeks, so it was great practice to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa all weekend.

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