One photo, two kids.

Tate: Poor little guy is sick. Right along with me. I have had the cold of my life this week {and just before our vacation, wouldn't you know...}, and right around 3 am this morning it hit this little guy. He's got the fever; I've got the body aches. We make a good pair.

Kemry: This little one has managed without the curse of the evil cold so far and was so excited when I told her she could watch tv aaaaaallllllllllllllllllllll day if she wanted, just so I might squeeze in a nap or two. If you ever need a kid to take care of you while you are on the med, you want this girl. I have had so many check-ups, cuddles, and kisses. She's the best.

Also, I am feeling MUCH better and back to almost full health when I learned today that the forecast in the Dominican Republic is showing some SUN while we will be there! Seriously, it has been raining there for a month straight. I think Vitamin D is better than Vitamin C for colds anyday ;)

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