Kemry: She loves to pretend she is a baby. Some of it is cute, some is annoying, and some is hilarious. She loves to climb into Tate's crib and "be a baby", but still hasn't figured out how to get down by herself yet...toddler jail. And I didn't even put her in there!
Tate: Little dude likes to sleep with blankets all over his cute face. He won't fall asleep without them. We have to check on him religiously to make sure he hasn't smothered himself, so, needless to say, we will soon be investing in a video baby monitor {any suggestions on a particular brand/model?}.

I think tomorrow has a high of zero degrees for us weary folk over here. 
I sure hope you are faring better this winter than we are.
Because I think I am slowly dyyyyying.
Come sooooooooon, Spring!!!!!



Tate: We have been crying it out when it comes to fixing this little guy's sleep problems. Thankfully, it only took about three cries to get him in a habit of snoozing for 8 hours at a time during the night. Compare that with the 2 hours at a time from before and you will find one super happy mama these days!

Kemry: This stinker went ice skating {or "glass skating" as she calls it} for the first time this week, even though the snow was "very very bright". She's the coolest!



Tate: He has started saying his mamamamama's and bababababa's, and it just makes my cheeks hurt from smiling!
Kemry: She wanted hair like mine today. When I put it in a pony, she said it wasn't right because it wasn't "very very messy like yours!" Maybe my grooming habits should be reevaluated.



Tate: Hanging out with Grandpa while we "watched" the Superbowl.
Kemry: She is currently in her 4th dress-up outfit of the day.

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