Happy Halloween! {A Look At Our Last Five Costumes and This Year's Reveal}


We sure love Halloween around here.
Actually, this time of the year is amazing.
We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and TWO birthdays until February.
It is one huge party.
I thought it might be fun to look back on our old costumes since becoming a "family," starting with when Tyrel and I were engaged.

Cat Lady and Tom Cruise
By far, this is the most embarrasing, and I didn't even remember it existed until I was looking for other pictures this morning.
Please don't look at it too long.
It might make your eyes explode.


 Here we were pregnant with Kemry, and costume ideas were few and far in between. 
I got all decked out as a pig {with a tail, mind you!}, and Ty rocked the aviator look that all men have worn for at least one Halloween in their lifetimes.


Unfortunately, this was the time when Tyrel and I were working opposite shifts of each other to avoid daycare, so little Kemry had to dress up for her first Halloween alone. 
Since we weren't going to any parties and she was too little for Trick-or-Treating, we just whipped this little ditty up.
It is still my favorite that she has ever been ;)

Mary Poppins, Bert, and Penguin {who looks like she is drunk}
Tate was still just a wish in our hearts in this picture, but we still loved dressing up as a family.
And Kemry had no idea what was going on.

Capt. Hook, Tinkerbell, Wendy, and Peter Pan
Look at Tyrel.
That's all.


And now, for this year, we introduce.....

Abu, Aladdin, Genie, Jasmine: Costume theme demanded by Kemry
Mine was a little bit of a stretch, but I think you all get it, right?
Most of the little kids at our Halloween Party had no idea what Aladdin was.
We are heartbroken for their futures and the life successes they might have had.

Anyway, we truly wish you have a wonderful, safe, magical, sugar-sweet Halloween today!
Especially you adults.
We are all just little kids that had to grow up, right?

A Minnesotan Fall


I believe that I have only posted 7 times this year outside of the weekly photos of my kiddos.
That's a shame.
So, to make myself feel better, here is a smorgasbord of fall photos for all of you.
We headed out with some friends to swap family pictures but mainly just ate in the delicious weather and pretty sights.
While everyone had a great time, I think Tate won in that department.
That boy was so curious about everything and just wanted to go go go.
And all these colors...
They almost make the coming winter bearable ;)



Kemry: She used to be scared of the leaves that fell on our lawn, but now she can't get enough of them! We are outside once or twice a day just to jump in the piles we have scooped up. We have two HUGE piles gathered, which is lovely, but they are all from our neighbor's trees. None of ours have fallen yet, and it makes me want to weep a little knowing how much work is ahead.

Tate: T-man now says "please" and "thank you," but he has no idea what they mean. He also learned from his sister that Santa says "ho ho ho" and loves to say it to all the other shoppers we encounter in the store.

In other news, Tyrel is 3/4 of the way done with this huge residencey, and we are so so so ready for him to be check it off his list. 
Also, I have the start of corneal ulcers again {although these aren't as bad as the one three years ago which was a full-blown ulcer...and these are on the outside of my iris where the other was almost on my pupil}, so my eyes have been giving me heeeeeaaaaaadaches. I've got the thick, goopy drops to put in my eyes and am thankfully on the mend. 

The leaves are falling, and we get a peak of warm weather this week, so life is good!
We are 90% done with our Halloween costumes and can't wait to share them with you!
Enjoy those pumpkin spiced everythings and those nice crunchy leaves!



Kemry: We babysat two of her little friends recently, and these two got pleeeeenty comfortable with each other ;) Ah, young love.
Tate: Dude has been cutting some molars and has a few more teeth just waiting to poke through. He is often slobbery, usually poopy, and always adorable. Duh.



Tate: Adding to his cute little list of words he babbles all day are the words "apple" and "light." But he still won't call me mama? He is growing up so so so fast and is loving all things fall {except being thrown in the leaves, but we will leave that for another time}.

Kemry: {in another Halloween wig, just like last week...of course...we practically live in Target's Halloween section during the month of October}. Have we talked about Tarzan yet? Tarzan is her new imaginary husband. Her "jungle husband" as she calls him. She holds his hand, gets married to him every day, and even has a baby with him. Thanks, Netflix. Her former fling "Jake" is now only referred to as "her best customer", so we are hoping she only sells him lemonade and nothing else ;)



Kemry: This one is so so so so so so SO excited for Halloween! These next 30 days are going to be super rough on her. All that waiting...But we have started assembling our family group-themed costumes, and it is going to be great ;)

Tate: Tate is so gosh darn smart. Seriously. One smart nugget. We tell him what to do {as in, "Let's go brush our teeth!" or "Should we get a banana?"}, and he RUNS immediately to the spot we need to go. He also has a huge fascination for animals and thinks books are the most amazing items in the world.

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