Kemry: She used to be scared of the leaves that fell on our lawn, but now she can't get enough of them! We are outside once or twice a day just to jump in the piles we have scooped up. We have two HUGE piles gathered, which is lovely, but they are all from our neighbor's trees. None of ours have fallen yet, and it makes me want to weep a little knowing how much work is ahead.

Tate: T-man now says "please" and "thank you," but he has no idea what they mean. He also learned from his sister that Santa says "ho ho ho" and loves to say it to all the other shoppers we encounter in the store.

In other news, Tyrel is 3/4 of the way done with this huge residencey, and we are so so so ready for him to be check it off his list. 
Also, I have the start of corneal ulcers again {although these aren't as bad as the one three years ago which was a full-blown ulcer...and these are on the outside of my iris where the other was almost on my pupil}, so my eyes have been giving me heeeeeaaaaaadaches. I've got the thick, goopy drops to put in my eyes and am thankfully on the mend. 

The leaves are falling, and we get a peak of warm weather this week, so life is good!
We are 90% done with our Halloween costumes and can't wait to share them with you!
Enjoy those pumpkin spiced everythings and those nice crunchy leaves!

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