happy fall, y'all


We live in the sweetest little neighborhood.
It is really quiet, really old, and really swell.
We adore it.
Since the area isn't full of developments, it means that we got huge, beautiful trees when we bought our 1950s home.
We were loving them in the summer, since the two in the front yard keep us in the shade, saving a little on cooling costs.
And they were mighty dazzling when they started to change colors.
Alas, the inevitable happened.

Le sigh.
Yes, we had so many leaves that they spread half-way across the street.
To make us feel better, look at the mess our  our neighbor across the street has to deal with:
{except he hires people to take care of his lawn...someday...}

Count your blessings, right?
It is crazy leaf-fest around here.
Our neighborhood {and those surrounding} doesn't have sidewalks, so I run in the gutters when I am getting my jog on.
But it has been a little tricky lately.
We decided to clean our lawn up.

It took FOREVER.
And we only did the front, folks.
We have 4 giants that tickle the clouds in our backyard {which is at least 5 times bigger than the front}.
Someday we will get to that.

 Kemry joined us after a little while.
Nap-time was a no-go today.
{She thinks everything is "saaaarrrry"(which is translated into "scary" for those not fluent in Kemtalk yet), so sleep has been a little sketchy around here}.

 And I promise we are not evil parents.
We are terribly loving.
I swear!

After sneaking over to good old Norm and Paula's lawn next door and scooping up their leaves too, we ended up with about 20 bags.
Our front trees still have to drop most {yes, MOST} of their leaves still, so we are in for a hoot these next few weeks.
Looking out the window now, you couldn't even tell we did a darn thing out there.
Someday we will take them to the compost site.
Once again, someday.

We still love you, Minnesota.


  1. I love, love, love the picture of Kemry and Tyrel in the leaf pile. That look she is giving is priceless!

  2. Haha this made my day! My family has a ton of trees in their yard, so it's always a family affair raking them all up. PS, your child is the cutest!

  3. I love the look on Kemry's face when she is looking at Tyrel. SOOO funny and adorable. Poor baby, scared of the leaf pile.

  4. Your house is super cute!!! And I agree with Amanda, that picture of Kem and Tyrel is pretty awesome!

  5. Love reading your blog. Your house is so cute, and you take awesome pictures! Our lawn (front and back) have been covered with leaves,and it's overwhelming! We also bought a house in an older, quiet neighborhood (but ours is a 1992) so we have lots of big trees too. We have 11 in the backyard and probably 4 or 5 in the front. I love fall, but not so much once the leaves actually fall :-p


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