happy october!


We are fixed!
Oh if I could bake that nerdy little guy at the Genius Bar cookies, I would!
{But he didn't seem too in love with us, so he probably wouldn't have eaten them anyway}

He fixed our little Mac.
For freeeeeee!
And I didn't lose anything off of my computer.
It may have been the best day of my life.

We took one last trip sans-coats to the park the other day, just to get some Kemry-wiggles out.
We played for the longest time, and she threw the biggest tantrum ever once we left.
{Which I guess is how she reacts ever time we leave a Kemry-friendly activity anyway}.


  1. YEAH!!! Thats how I felt with the guy who helped look at and fix my car for free! Still may take him cookies haha. Love the pictures! I get jealous seeing you guys all have fun as a family my pictures are usually of me and mady or just mady :) Keep the posts comin!!! :) hehe

  2. Vandy - I just HAD to comment. You are the cutest mom ever! :) I love these pics! Hope ya'll are doing great!

    Love, Celeste


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