kemry and the bunnies {a video}


I don't post a lot of videos on here.
Not really for any reason in particular, either.
Maybe just because I am lazy?

Movies are way more fun than pictures, so here is to changing the blandness of my blog!
{Like that is ever going to happen...}

About two weeks ago, we caught Kemry during one of her many chats with some bunnies that frequent our backyard.
Even though K talks really well {way better than she should, which has its pluses but definitely also negatives}, we included some subtitles to help you understand some of the gibberish.
It goes pretty fast, so here is my apology in advance.
We made an executive decision to cut out most of our annoying parent giggles and commentary.
No matter how much I try to sound like I am NOT speaking in baby-voice, it still sounds that way regardless.
I have permanent annoying-mom-baby-voice.
WHY didn't anyone tell me this years ago?!?

kemry's first czech days {and a quick baby update}...


...Well, sort of.
We only hit the parade. 
But that totally counts, right?

Every year, a little town in South Dakota {just a few miles away from where I used to call home} throws a huge festival honoring their founders who came from Czechoslovakia a bazilion years ago.
People dress up in Czech attire, eat lots of food, and drinks lots lots lots of beer.Since my dad always drives the car for his work's float, and also since Kemry and I were in town for a quick trip, we loaded up the car and headed to watch the parade.It was the first parade Kemry has ever seen, and she adored it.She got to dance to music, wave to people, and collect candy.Every two-year-old's dream come true.

{We still don't know what this face is about?? Boredom? Fatigue?}

We made-camp next to the sweetest old couple.
Kemry took a liking to them right away, calling him "Grandpa", placing her hand on his leg, and trying to give them all of her candy.

Typical South Dakota. You don't need to go to a parade to see this everyday.

Kem also decided that she didn't want to eat any of the candy {score for the pregnant lady!}, but this flag hasn't left her side since someone handed it to her on Friday.

As much fun as it was, we were hot, sweaty, and ready for some air conditioning, so we grabbed some kolaches {cream cheese filled, thank you very much} and headed home.And thus concludes Kemry's first {and probably last} experience with Czech Days.Can I get an amen?--------------------------------------------------Also, will you look at my parents garden?Jealous. I wish I inherited the green thumb in the family... 
-------------------------------------And for all you who have been keeping track of our pregnancy, here is the latest on the little boy growing in my belly:  -He grew from the 15th percentile to the 49th, so that was terrific news! No early induction for us {yet}!{It must have been all of those ice cream sandwiches, right?}  -We have gotten perfect scores {10s} on his biophysical profiles and non-stress tests. {They give you 2 points for each thing they find working correctly in regards to movement, heart rate, "practice" breathing movements in his diaphragm, bending/straightening limbs, and the amniotic fluid levels. If we get an 8 or 10, all is good. A 6 brings us back the next day, and a 4, 2, or 0 sends us to labor and delivery.}  -The kidneys seem to be working perfectly. His bladder was full and the amniotic fluid was perfect, so his body is doing something right.  -We got word that when the hospital's specialists had their weekly chat about the "special" pregnancies they were monitoring, they decided that we don't need a neonatologist present when I go into labor, which means they don't think he will need any special care immediately after birth.
-The genetic counselor sees no family history that would link to baby's problems, so hopefully it won't happen again. If they find that things are serious with him  when they do scans right after he is born {in regards to the kidneys and the heart},we have a game-plan set to get the rest of us checked out to make sure we don't have any hidden heart conditions/kidney problems {since this stuff is apparently highly genetic}.
-And the heart thing might not be as bad as they initially thought?All the wording we see and hear now is "a possible bicuspid aoritc valve", which we will take anyday.  In summary, things look good.And we are starting to get a little excited :)

the zoo, bugs, and other things


As you know, we have had some company in our little house for the past week.
They are all gone now, so poor Kemry is stuck playing with me all day every day again.
Poor thing.

Our days were full of giggling kids and sidewalk chalk, and our nights were full of eating too much candy and laughing at bathroom humor.
We also had a few bumps in the road, too, such as a tick, a clogged toilet, a few face-plants/torn-up knees, and lots of tantrums.
But those we will find funny in a few years, right?

We are down to the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy.
While I do have one quick trip planned to have some girl time with some besties back home this weekend, we have come to an end of trips and visitor time.
{Thankfully, my parents are decently close, so I am sure they will drop in a few times and can jet up here when I go into labor.
And Ty's parents are coming out in September to see both the little one and Minnesota at the same time! We can't wait!}

We thankfully had some nice weather while our company was here, so we were able to hit up the zoo, play at the park, and just relax in our backyard.
It almost makes up for all that crappy winter stuff we have to deal with for half of the year ;)


happy father's day!


Here is a thank you to my sweet daddy for picking on me goodheartedly when I was a kid so I would grow up tough {even though I still don't like it when you flick me on the forehead...}. I sure do love you :)

And another thank you to my father-in-law for throwing Tyrel in a cold shower when he was younger to shock the snottiness and bad attitude out of him. I only have to do it a few times a week now that he is grown up!

And, last, but certainly not least, thanks to my hubster for being the best daddy to my littles. Kemry thinks the world of you, and I know that our little boy is already crazy about you.
Nothing melts my heart more than seeing you {usually out of the corner of my eye} waltz with Kemry in the kitchen or letting her grab your face with her little hands and give you sloppy kiss after kiss after kiss :)

We like daddies a lot around here.
And I am so lucky to have three great ones!
Happy Father's Day!

monday, valleyfair style


Tyrel's sister Coya is in town this week with her two littles while her hubby John is working in the Cities.
We love having company, and Tyrel was exceptionally excited about this visit because he would finally have someone to take on the rides at Valleyfair.

I am not a ride-goer.
I am pregnant.
And get motion sick.
And am a huge wuss.
So there.

Since Valleyfair prohibits {not discourages, actually prohibits} pregnant women from going on most of their rides, I sat on the sidelines all day.
Which, for a non-ride-goer, is awesome.
It means food.
I mean, pregnancy and funnel cakes with deep fried ice cream just go together, right?

Even though I couldn't go on the rides {even the kiddie rides banned me!}, I did sneak on the ferris wheel, so I got my fill.
And a sweet tan line, too.

Notice Kemry peeking through the hole in the stroller...not creepy at all...

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