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As you know, we have had some company in our little house for the past week.
They are all gone now, so poor Kemry is stuck playing with me all day every day again.
Poor thing.

Our days were full of giggling kids and sidewalk chalk, and our nights were full of eating too much candy and laughing at bathroom humor.
We also had a few bumps in the road, too, such as a tick, a clogged toilet, a few face-plants/torn-up knees, and lots of tantrums.
But those we will find funny in a few years, right?

We are down to the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy.
While I do have one quick trip planned to have some girl time with some besties back home this weekend, we have come to an end of trips and visitor time.
{Thankfully, my parents are decently close, so I am sure they will drop in a few times and can jet up here when I go into labor.
And Ty's parents are coming out in September to see both the little one and Minnesota at the same time! We can't wait!}

We thankfully had some nice weather while our company was here, so we were able to hit up the zoo, play at the park, and just relax in our backyard.
It almost makes up for all that crappy winter stuff we have to deal with for half of the year ;)


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