monday, valleyfair style


Tyrel's sister Coya is in town this week with her two littles while her hubby John is working in the Cities.
We love having company, and Tyrel was exceptionally excited about this visit because he would finally have someone to take on the rides at Valleyfair.

I am not a ride-goer.
I am pregnant.
And get motion sick.
And am a huge wuss.
So there.

Since Valleyfair prohibits {not discourages, actually prohibits} pregnant women from going on most of their rides, I sat on the sidelines all day.
Which, for a non-ride-goer, is awesome.
It means food.
I mean, pregnancy and funnel cakes with deep fried ice cream just go together, right?

Even though I couldn't go on the rides {even the kiddie rides banned me!}, I did sneak on the ferris wheel, so I got my fill.
And a sweet tan line, too.

Notice Kemry peeking through the hole in the stroller...not creepy at all...

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  1. I love it! I especially love the Kembot duck face pictures. :)


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