two really great things happened yesterday


Two really great things.
In one day.

Really Great Thing #1:

Maybe the most amazing donut idea EVER?
We grabbed it from Mojo Monkey Donuts, and I am happy to report that we were sufficiently pleased.
We will be taking all who visit us there {mainly just because I really want more}.

It was almost better than really great thing number 2.

Really Great Thing #2:
Baby update, thank goodness!

Long story short:
Yes, the baby unfortunately has a congenital heart defect.
No, it isn't something that we have to be too worried about.

 Short story long:
Everything seemed fine at the appointment, until the Cardiologist walked in, of course.
She had been briefed by the ultrasound tech and shown some images from that morning's scan before she came in.
And the first thing she said was, "Do either of you have a family history of heart defects, particularly that of the aortic valve?"
We say no but immediately start sweating bullets.
She knows something is wrong, doesn't she?
They start scanning my belly again, chatting with all their medical terms.
The only other thing she asks us is, "Where are you delivering this baby?"
That got us even more nervous.

After about 5 more minutes of looking at the baby, the cardiologist turns and finally smiles.
She tells us that baby has bicuspid aortic valve, which is the most common heart abnormailty.
About 2% of the population is born with it, and most don't even know they have it.
Yes, it can be serious, but most of the time it isn't.
And it happens a lot more in males than females.
And since we already have defects with the umbilical cord and kidneys, it isn't a surprising thing to have something like this happen {since all three develop at the same time}.

They will continue with my normal bazillion check-up appointments {along with genetic counseling to make a game-plan for once he gets here} and will have to do a quick scan on the baby once he is born to make sure there isn't anything else that draws worry.
Then, he will either grow into having the defect or will just have to be monitored by regular doctors visits.
And maybe have heart surgery, but hopefully when he is 40 and off our insurance ;)

So, in summary, we have a baby with a too-small umbilical cord, funky kidneys, a crazy little heart and a tiny belly.
And he should be just perfect :)

We still have to watch his weight and growth, which is the next big concern, so I will be loading up on Big Macs and french fries, hoping he gains just a little more pudge by the time we go back in three weeks.
Bad for my waistline, but good for the baby?
Who knows.
But I will look for any excuse to eat french fries.

And now here are some pictures to make your rainy, drizzly day a little better, compliments of Kemry...
{and if you have sunshine in your sky, don't even say a word...we haven't seen the sun in a week...}

{My favorite, by the way...}

PS: Am I the only one that still thinks Photo Booth is hillarious?
Even after all these years?

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  1. I would hold off on Bic Macs and those oily fries if YOU would like to live a long life Vandy!!! Just drink oil if you must.

    Your baby boy will be perfect :)


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