a day of daddy {and mommy too, i guess}


Not to brag or anything, but Kemry sure loves me.
She falls down, she gets scared, she gets lonely, she gets happy, and its all, "Mommy!!!"
But I secretly think she loves Tyrel a little more.
You should see these two play together.
No one gives better horsey rides, rocket blasts, or sneaks of sugary foods than Daddy.

Tyrel just finished up this last semester, which means we have a month where his days off are completely dedicated to us.
We are so excited.
Tuesday was the first of those days: no school, no work, no church, no baby appointments.
So we did everything!

We met up with Kemry's bestie at the Mall of America to ride some thrilling toddler rides and get smoothies.
Then we headed off to the zoo, the park with a picnic, the greenhouse to smell yummy flowers, and home to run around our {finally green} backyard.
And let me tell you, Kemry wouldn't let Tyrel out of her sight.
Or maybe it was the other way around ;)

This is what happens when you tell her we are going home. The world ends.
My parents are heading up our direction as we speak so we can tear up our yard.
There will be gardening, wood chipping, tilling, dirty fingernails, sweat, and lots of achey backs.
And I can't wait :)


  1. Seriously, your family is too cute for words!!! And Kemry and Tyrel look like the best of buds!

  2. And to answer the question I know you are all dying to ask, yes Jamba did pay us to model, and no, the smoothies were still not free... go figure.


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