warm fuzzies


I seriously don't think there is anything that makes me more giddy than watching Kemry and Tyrel play together.
Every morning when she wakes up she asks, "Where's Daddy?" and runs out to find him.
When she gets up from naps, she asks the same question, followed by, "Oh yeah. Daddy at work. Daddy come back?"
And then she waits. 
And waits and waits and waits.
She meanders over to the window about 5 times throughout the afternoon to peak outside to see if he has pulled up yet.
And when she hears him come home, she goes into hyperdrive.

And let's not even talk about the day after Tyrel has a day off.
The world ends when she realizes that she can't play with daddy all day long.

I am so unbelievably grateful for those two mischievous people in my life.
They make up all of my happiness :)


PS: Tyrel was extremly proud of this next sequence of photos.
And if you know him, you know how much it screams "Tyrel."
Am I right?

Why, yes.
I am right.

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