I saw this on a friend's Facebook page today, and I adore it.
I laughed super hard.
Maybe you can really only understand if you are a mom or mom-figure?
I don't know.
Read it anyway.



Kemry talks.
A lot.
She repeats everything she hears.
And the scariest part is that she is really good at it.

These videos are mainly for our parents, but I guess you guys can have a peek, too :)

{Ignore the technical difficulties in the middle.}
{Also, our favorite part is at 1:38}

She is usually better at the words in the next video, but she still cracks us up.
{And why toddlers need to say "cilantro" and "cabbage" is beyond us.}
{And 2:44 is our favorite. The water flashcard makes noise, and it caught her off-guard}.

Usually, when "cake" pops up on the screen, instead of calling it by its name, she goes, "Mmmmmm! Yummmmmy!",  followed by adorable smacks from her lips.
We finally caught that in this last video.
Also, "cauliflower" is the best word ever.

Now you can move on with your day.
You are welcome.


















8:00--- Playing in the crib has become much more important than sleeping apparently.
9:00--- Breakfast
10:00--- Toddler Tummy Time
11:00--- Coloring and snacks
12:00--- Dusting the floors at IKEA
1:00--- "Chichen" for lunch
2:00--- Hemming some curtains during precious naptime
3:00--- Usually only one pigtail survives her beauty sleep
4:00---  Half-hour of mommy time, even though I never really want to go jogging.
5:00--- Cow comes out to play.
6:00--- More coloring, except different? Her mind is blown.
7:00--- Kemry's favorite book of all time, which is coincidentally 90% filled with pictures of her.
8:00--- Cleanup. And then destroy again. Psych!
9:00--- Hubby gets home from class and gets down to business.
10:00--- A toddler that is up waaaaay past  bedtime and doesn't seem to be going down anytime soon.

Today was not that great.
But it was at the same time.

I usually hit the ground running when I wake up in the morning.
Today, I seemed to have been hog-tied behind a truck and dragged through the streets.
I didn't get dressed until 11:30.
 {And, no. 
I did not shower today.
That is what dry shampoo is for.
Thank you very much.}
A little girl wouldn't eat any meals {except chicken at lunch}.
"Mama! Mama!" seemed to be on repeat all day long, combined with "Crackers?", "Milk?", "Poop!".

I couldn't even take a stupid ovulation test without getting interrupted 
{which I have been taking for 2 weeks now with no uplifting news, only the realization that if we had gotten pregnant when we started trying for #2, we would have already been cuddling a new, squishy baby this month}.

It was a day filled with messes all over the house, finding both of our cars dug through while we were sleeping {of course the one day we forget to lock our car doors...but luckily nothing was missing. Not even my 47 cents of change in the cup holder}, and a ridiculously demanding little girl.

Now I sit here, exhausted, frustrated, and in a funk again.
But then my sweet husband sweeps up the ridiculously demanding little girl and takes her to her crib, stopping by the computer for a quick toddler-sloppy-yogurt-covered-kiss and "nigh nigh Mama!".
 He comes back out with a "Did I tell you I love you enough today? Because I really, REALLY do!", as he flashes that Murri smile.
The one that hooked me.

And that seals the deal.

It wasn't that bad of a day.

Somehow, with my two goofballs, rotten days always end on a high-note.

a day date


Every chance we get to spend together as a cute little three-person family, we go exporing.
A new park, a new shop, a walk down-town, another lake {because you can't walk ten feet without running into a lake in Minnesota}.
We had a lovely day-date last week, just the three of us.
Someday we will resume the two-person dating, but for now, we are pleased as punch to bring along our favorite little buddy.

life a la iphone


We have been crazy busy around here lately.
It has been hard to find any time to blog!
Please excuse this lazy post as I dump iPhone pictures on y'all.
And of course they are 99% of solely Kemry.

Normal life should resume shortly!

Prepping for potty training. Wish us luck.

The sweetest picture ever. Makes me want to cry :)

How she waits for daddy to get home. Every day.

Awkward first day of school pictures bring out the best in Tyrel.

kermy visits the renaissance festival


My parents came to town over Labor Day.
It was the best weekend I have had in a long time!
While we spent a lot of time on projects around the house, we made sure to have a little fun.
Because you can't have enough fun, right?
Especially with the K-dawg.
Surprisingly enough, she really loved the Renaissance Festival.
Mainly just the horses and pigs, but it was love nonetheless!


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