8:00--- Playing in the crib has become much more important than sleeping apparently.
9:00--- Breakfast
10:00--- Toddler Tummy Time
11:00--- Coloring and snacks
12:00--- Dusting the floors at IKEA
1:00--- "Chichen" for lunch
2:00--- Hemming some curtains during precious naptime
3:00--- Usually only one pigtail survives her beauty sleep
4:00---  Half-hour of mommy time, even though I never really want to go jogging.
5:00--- Cow comes out to play.
6:00--- More coloring, except different? Her mind is blown.
7:00--- Kemry's favorite book of all time, which is coincidentally 90% filled with pictures of her.
8:00--- Cleanup. And then destroy again. Psych!
9:00--- Hubby gets home from class and gets down to business.
10:00--- A toddler that is up waaaaay past  bedtime and doesn't seem to be going down anytime soon.

Today was not that great.
But it was at the same time.

I usually hit the ground running when I wake up in the morning.
Today, I seemed to have been hog-tied behind a truck and dragged through the streets.
I didn't get dressed until 11:30.
 {And, no. 
I did not shower today.
That is what dry shampoo is for.
Thank you very much.}
A little girl wouldn't eat any meals {except chicken at lunch}.
"Mama! Mama!" seemed to be on repeat all day long, combined with "Crackers?", "Milk?", "Poop!".

I couldn't even take a stupid ovulation test without getting interrupted 
{which I have been taking for 2 weeks now with no uplifting news, only the realization that if we had gotten pregnant when we started trying for #2, we would have already been cuddling a new, squishy baby this month}.

It was a day filled with messes all over the house, finding both of our cars dug through while we were sleeping {of course the one day we forget to lock our car doors...but luckily nothing was missing. Not even my 47 cents of change in the cup holder}, and a ridiculously demanding little girl.

Now I sit here, exhausted, frustrated, and in a funk again.
But then my sweet husband sweeps up the ridiculously demanding little girl and takes her to her crib, stopping by the computer for a quick toddler-sloppy-yogurt-covered-kiss and "nigh nigh Mama!".
 He comes back out with a "Did I tell you I love you enough today? Because I really, REALLY do!", as he flashes that Murri smile.
The one that hooked me.

And that seals the deal.

It wasn't that bad of a day.

Somehow, with my two goofballs, rotten days always end on a high-note.


  1. I miss you Vandy ! Your family is precious . my son is in the process of filling out early applications for college. I do NOT like it.
    take care of you .

  2. little kemry is growing up way to fast. Enjoyed the blog. We sure miss you guys and keeping expecting you do drop in for sunday dinner.:) All take care, mike


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