Kemry talks.
A lot.
She repeats everything she hears.
And the scariest part is that she is really good at it.

These videos are mainly for our parents, but I guess you guys can have a peek, too :)

{Ignore the technical difficulties in the middle.}
{Also, our favorite part is at 1:38}

She is usually better at the words in the next video, but she still cracks us up.
{And why toddlers need to say "cilantro" and "cabbage" is beyond us.}
{And 2:44 is our favorite. The water flashcard makes noise, and it caught her off-guard}.

Usually, when "cake" pops up on the screen, instead of calling it by its name, she goes, "Mmmmmm! Yummmmmy!",  followed by adorable smacks from her lips.
We finally caught that in this last video.
Also, "cauliflower" is the best word ever.

Now you can move on with your day.
You are welcome.


  1. Haha, this is really cute! I love cauliflower! And when she says, 'Yellow!'

  2. Let's be honest, you know that you posted that just for us. :) I love it. I can't believe how much she is growing. I miss being a part of her firsts!


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