kemry vs. the grass


Kemry hates grass.
Remember this from last summer?

This might be my favorite picture I have ever taken of her.
I just laugh and laugh and laugh when I look at it.

We were hoping she would change her opinion about grass this year.
The following is what happened when Tyrel tried to find out {make sure your sound is on}:

Maybe next summer.

some exciting news


We're moving!

Well, duh.
I guess everyone knew that.
{And if you didn't, see here}.

We're moving...early!
Like 2 months early.
Like... We-are-moving-in-2-weeks early.

Tyrel scored a pretty awesome job in St. Paul.
Well, actually a few awesome jobs.
He had put in some applications, just for the fun of it, but had our available date toward the end of July/August.
The day after, he got two phone calls, and about a week later, two job offers.

It wasn't really as smooth as that, but nothing ever is.
I will spare you the details, maybe because my heart just recovered from the stress and anxiety of the whole ordeal {mainly putting in my two-weeks at work when we had "pending" job offers...}.

My amazing parents are coming out over Memorial Day weekend and loading up their trailer with all of our junk.
Then we make the trek back to good old South Dakota {I have missed thee!}, where I will stay with my family while Tyrel goes through 4 weeks of training in Nebraska {or maybe Minnesota...details aren't 100% final...there goes my heart attack again}.
 After training is finished, we will move up to St. Paul and start another little chapter as a family.

We are terribly excited {although my parents might be more-so than we are, since not-so-baby Kemry will only be 4 hours away instead of 18}.
We are terribly nervous as well.

There is so much to miss {especially all of the amazing family and wonderful friends we have enjoyed here in Idaho (6 years for me, 25 years for Tyrel)} but also so much to look forward to!

To our Rexburg-ian/Idaho Falls-ian/{even Utah-ian} friends:
We will miss you terribly!  Make sure to catch us before we leave!
And come visit.

To our SoDak-ian friends:
We're coming! We're coming! 
Play with us for a month!
Seriously. we are way more fun now that we religiously use sidewalk chalk and professionally sing this song to Kemry {actions and all}!!!

To our Minnesotan friends:
Please be nice to us and pretend you like us.
We might just win you over!
{But really, we have no social life. Let's change that?}

Here's hoping we have lots of fun and exciting things to tell you in the near future!

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