finally growing up.


Don't worry. If you can read that address, you won't even be able to find us there :)

Holy cow.
It finally happened.
After two years of paper, ink, stress, money, tears, praying, more tears, rejections, and eating out our sorrows through more ice cream than any one person should consume {times two}, it finally happened.
We {meaning Tyrel} got into grad school.
Oh does that tastes good coming out of my mouth {er, fingers?}.
With eight rejection letters under our belts, we had given up hope on an acceptance anywhere...
Especially when MFA programs accept 700+ applications and only take 5 or 6 people.
5 or 6.

Less than one percent.

For the next two years {starting in September}, we will be living in St. Paul, Minnesota
{which happens to be only 5 hours away from my parents instead of the 17 we are now}.
I am all kinds of excited, especially with the chance that I won't have to work full-time anymore and can spend even more mushy-gushy moments with the Kemster.
And cook.
And read.
And clean.
And sew.
And do absolutely nothing.
All of which sound quite lovely to me, thank you.

I am also looking forward to seeing some of my good old Y-High friends more than once a year.
Even though she doesn't know it yet, I am going to make Alyssa hang out with me all the time so our daughters can be besties :)
{Seriously. The two cutest babies friends? The world will soon be a perfect place!}

Even though both of my brothers {and my wonderful sister-in-law, mind you} are both moving to Washington state {a huge promotion for one and a doctorate program for the other}, we couldn't be happier to be closer to my family.
We have lived around Tyrel's family for the past few years and will miss them terribly.

But we know we will have some visitors during those two years.
No one can resist the Mall of America too long, right?

And besides.
We are taking Kemry with us ;)


  1. I'm glad we are taking Kemry. I don't recall, however, you mentioning you "doing absolutely nothing" as one of the reasons to not work... :)


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