teething woes {part 2}


The past few days have been full of Kemry.
All Kemry.
And whatever Kemry wants.
{or at least that is what she thinks}.

She walks around the house and will randomly drop to the floor, just to cover her head with her blanket.
Then she realizes that no one is watching so she gets back up and goes on her merry way.

She also has to have all of her favorite stuffed animals and blankets in a close proximity to her.
You know, for easy access.

And has to throw her peanut butter toast on the floor {peanut butter side down, of course} because all she wants to eat are teething biscuits {only because she thinks they are yummy--not because they help with her teething}.

She also must dunk all of her clothing in the toilet.

And rip up all of daddy's important school papers.

And pound on the laptop keyboard.

And throw tantrums if we don't play with the animal noises app on my phone.

And eat the fertilizer from the lemon tree's pot.

And crawl on top of the open dishwasher door when I am trying to put away the clean dishes.

She also must be held and cuddled, but only if it is convenient for her {such as when I am getting ready for work, cooking, or needing to go pee}.

All for ONE little tooth.
She got 4 at once last time and was practically an angel.
We will just pretend that all of this behavior is due to teething and not toddlerdome.

But teething has also brought some good things.

She says hi to everyone she sees anywhere and waves goodbye when we walk past them.

She also giggles randomly, scrunching that cute little nose.

And looks up at me with big eyes and says "UH OH!" when I catch her dunking her clothes in the toilet.

And points to everything, just to say "cheeeeeeeeze!"

And runs around shouting "Mama! Mama!"

And when her arms get tired from dancing, she stomps her little feet in rhythm.

And sucks her cheeks in to give fish-kisses.

And sticks out her tongue when we get out her toothbrush and tries her hardest to suck all the toothpaste off before we fight our way to her teeth.

And brings her "scariest" toy into my room, just so she can run away from it and have me pick her up and cuddle her to safety.

We can call this toddlerdome.
And I guess the good stuff offsets all the bad stuff.

And even though that one small, silly tooth has caused her to nap only once a day for an hour, it will probably be pretty cute, too.

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