cake for breakfast


I have had a huge mini-crush on Joy the Baker.
If you don't know who she is, shame on you.
Your taste buds hate you right now.
I have tried a few of her recipes, my favorite being her apple pie.
I was so excited to hear that she would finally be releasing a cookbook at the end of February.
I finally bought it {you know, I work in a bookstore so I always spend a few days perusing cookbooks I want to make sure they are worth the the point that I still haven't gotten the Pioneer Woman cookbook, even though her second one just came out a few days ago...picky much?}.
I can admit that I haven't found one recipe that doesn't appeal to me {minus the coffee recipes because, really? Yuck.}
From the honey chamomile cupcakes to the strawberry cookie dough ice cream, I am in heaven.

I love cooking, but since Tyrel and I work opposite schedules, I don't get much of a chance to.
Now baking, on the other hand...
I will gladly make a dinner-for-one of creme brule...

Go buy her book.
It may be the worst thing you ever do for your thighs but the best  you ever do for your foodsoul.

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