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This is the safety gate that we own.

We love it because we can screw it into the wall and use it as a swinging door {with one hand use, mind you!} or we can use it as a pressure fit gate {which will be great when we move to Minnesota and back into a smaller living space}.
We also really love it because it has clear plastic panels so we can see through it.
Kemry can wait at the top of the stairs while I run to get laundry and can see me most of the time.

But, in all reality, the only thing I kept thinking about was teaching Kemry to squish her face up against it.
You know, like you did to the car when you were little {and maybe do now...but only because you have to entertain the baby in the backseat somehow?}.

Well, my friends, today was a day of triumph.
And I caught it with my camera...

Have a great Thursday!

PS: And to all of you catching the Hunger Games at midnight, I am entirely jealous.
I read them when the had barely come out in 2008 {pros of working in a bookstore} so I need to reread them all before the hubs and I go.
Way jealous.


  1. I love that you post so much!!! THANK YOU!!! Totally made my day! i needed it!


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