This morning, as we were all groggily eating breakfast and not wanting the day to start, my older brother randomly said, "There is an animal on the porch!"
He slowly peaked behind the curtains.....what kind of animal was it?
"Oh. It's just a baby."
And he walked away.
The mommy in me freaks out.
"A BABY?!?!?! It is freezing out there! WHO PUT A BABY ON OUR PORCH?!?!"
I ran toward the sliding doors, just in time for my brother to say, "No. Like a kid-baby. A toddler, you know?"
We pulled the curtains back, and, sure enough, there was a cute little 2 year old stuffed into a snowsuit hanging out on our porch.
Her cute little brothers were bashful and hid at the bottom of the stairs, and then ran home {right next door, duh}.
But this sweet little girl just sat there, staring at us.

Insert my curious 13-month-old.
She waddled over and got so excited.
Kemry loves kids.
Especially ones her age.

 Soon, Kemry's little snowfriend left {and then came back for one more short visit}.
The entire rest of the morning, Kemry meandered over, trying to find her little puffy-pink pal.

Totally the best "scary animal" to show up on our porch.
{Remember this and this? Yeah.}

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