regarding a certain pigeon


Remember this post?
All about that nasty pigeon {that I have since named Beverly}?
Well, we kept watching and watching and watching.
And that darn egg never hatched.
Although we were pretty hopeful that Beverly would leave since her egg was a dud, we felt kind of sad.
We were pretty sure it was our fault that that egg never hatched.
With all of those buckets of water out of the sliding door during the Idaho-wintry month of May, we probably caused the egg to freeze.

Feeling laden with grief, Tyrel looks out on the deck one last time to say his goodbyes.
But instead of saying adieu, he shouts, "THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!"
Needless to say, all remorse as gone and was replaced with slight aggitation.
Beverly is never going to leave, is she?

This morning before Ty left for work, he decided to see if the one good egg had hatched yet.
After slowly sneaking to the window, banging on the glass like a madman to scare Beverly out of the nest, he turned around quickly, his face forlorne.
For this is what he saw...
{note the dead egg on top. oops.}
 Apparently, Beverly gets around.
As tickled as I am to find out that our backyard is a pigeon brothel, I am beyond thrilled to be moving out of this place in t-minus 24 days.
Sorry, Beverly. I guess that means you are on your own.

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