the day tyrel and vandy turned 99


How can that be?
Isn't Vandy only 23?
And Tyrel 26?
It comes down to this, folks.
The worst cold bug ever known to mankind has taken over the Murri household.
It is sicknasty.
Let's just say that the CEO of Kleenex should cut us a rebate check.

I am finally getting over the worst part of my cold.
Tyrel is unfortunately just getting to it.
Neither of us, however, can hear a darn thing.
As we were both getting ready for work this morning, our ears were exceptionally plugged, made so much better by the fact that I hardly had a voice.
Tyrel and I are infamous for trying to talk to one another at the most illogical times, like when one person is standing next to the washer/dryer, holding the screaming baby, or taking a shower with the vent on...
So we already know how short-tempered we are {I am} about this subject.
After the 49th time of Tyrel saying, "Huh? What? I can't hear you", I decided I needed shout what I was saying.
As loud as I could
{which turned out to be a bad idea because of the pain that emanated from lungs due to coughing and phlegm}.
This did not make Tyrel happy.
Which did not make me happy.
Which made Tyrel even more unhappy.
{Well, it was probably just me getting more unhappy again}
{Kemry could have cared less, for the record}
All of this silliness {along with some sore leg muscles from a run earlier in the week where I decided I didn't need to stretch before or after...} made me realize that we are going to make horrid old people.
And isn't the goal of life to become those cute old people who knit and read the paper all day?
And play bingo and take naps?
Or something like that?

But even though we haven't been able to hear each other the past few days, be it due to our plugged ears or the constant coughing/nose-blowing, we still knew how to take care of each other, in our own way...
Including back tickles, face massages, slow walks in the park, and no cooking {hallelujah!}.

So as I sat in the rocking chair, feeding the Kemster her pre-bed bottle {who has also suffered the agony of this cold...don't even get me started on the boogers...} and watched my poor husband with a hot rice pack on his painfully throbbing ear, I realized that, even though we would make an awful elderly couple, we are one rad young family.

And besides, I already know how to knit and am a professional napper.
I guess that means we are half-way there.

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