I had been anxiously waiting to pick up this book and read it since it came out {but once I went on maternity leave, I hardly stepped foot in our bookstore to check it out for a few weeks...a great perk of working for Barnes and Noble, ps.} and just finally got around to finishing it tonight.

The story is told by a five-year-old-boy named Jack. 
Jack and his mother live in Room {basically an 11x11 foot shed in the back their kidnapper's yard}. 
Room is all he has ever known. 
It deals with the terror, joy, and love that they experience in Room, held together by their loving relationship with one another. 
When they finally escape Room, Jack {and his mother, for that matter} has to learn to live all over again.

I thought the story started off great but slowly pittled off toward the end.
Enough so that I just skimmed the last few pages.
Overall, I would give it a 6/10.
Good enough for one read, but definitely not great enough to make it onto my bookshelf.
{as for a few other books I have read in the past couple of months...
 I Am Number Four {Pittacus Lore}
3/10. Laaaaaame.

Bossypants {Tina Fey}
9/10. Awesome.
 Matched {Ally Condie}:  
6/10. Good idea...
...but it was slow to pick up the pace. Still, I will probably read the next one because the first leaves you hanging.

Water For Elephants {Sara Gruen}
I started this when it came out waaaay back in 2006 and had only the last few chapters left before I got too busy with here we are...2011. Finally finished. And it was not too shabby.}

Just in case you were wondering.

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