today kemry ate some bananasmoosh...


...and loved it.

She has been doing so great with her rice cereal that I mashed up part of one during lunch today.
She ate all of it.
And continued to lick her hand afterward to get all the banana-y goodness that had migrated away from her mouth and onto her sticky paw.

Aaaaand then she drank 8 ounces of milk after.

{But seriously. You should see her thighs lately.}


  1. Oh man! She is getting too big too fast! She will be ginormous by the time we get to see her again!

  2. I'm glad she likes nanners! Brycen never liked them. Even the ones in the jar. I've never been a big fan of bananas either so maybe he gets it from me. And it looks like she does really well in the bumbo! We'll have to give it a try when she comes to play on Monday! :)

  3. She loves her bumbo. It has been a lifesaver since she now no longer wants to be flat on her back...she demands sitting or standing :)


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