five months


Tuesday was my little girl's five month mark.
Silly, I tell you.
She is growing up way too fast.
Since I have been working all the time (boo.), my lovely friend Jayme took some 5 monthers for me.
You want to steal my baby, don't you?

Well, you can't.
I have 9 months of weight gain {which, by the way, I am almost rid of!}, 24 hours of labor pains, and 5 months of poopy diapers under my belt {and currently the agonies of teething {we hope!}}.
I think that means I have dibs.
But I will nibble her chunky thighs and squishy cheeks for you!

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  1. That last one is my favorite. It totally says, "Ok, I know I'm cute, but you can stop taking pictures now."


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