a little bit of frozen, snowed-in turkey time


Oh, Thanksgiving! Aren't you beautiful?

When you end up looking something like this, however... aren't quite as lovely.

Cons of Thanksgiving 2010:
  • My parents get snowed-in in Montana
  • Tyrel's sinuses going INSANE
  • Me catching the start of a cold
  • Nasty, scary, icy roads
  • Canceling our Thanksgiving travel plans
  • Some of Tyrel's family getting snowed-out of my baby shower that Coya worked so hard on
  • Bllllaaaaack Friday in retail....

Pros of Thanksgiving 2010
  • My parents getting here PERIOD!
  • Time spent with my whole family...which happens maybe once a year
  • Only having to work 4 days this week
  • NOT having to go in early on Black Friday :)
  • Black Friday shopping ONLINE in the comfort of my own home
  • Finishing the nursery with my mom and dad
  • Also getting to spend time with Tyrel's whole family
  • Having a WONDERFUL baby shower, regardless of the snow
  • My parents finally getting to see the baby bump and feel/see her move around
  • Eating a lot of food, watching a little Elf, cuddling in the warmth
  • Getting a little spoiled ;)
  • 2 extra days with my family in my cozy little apartment
  • The fact this list outnumbers the cons list!
...and, finally...
  • Hitting my 31 week mark! Kemry comes in T-Minus 9 weeks! 

So, while it was blistery and chilly outside, I had everything that I am thankful for right there with me the whole time...Thank you, Thanksgiving :)

a christmas story


Hey everyone.  This is Tyrel.  I know this might be a little early (not for you, Kristen.  Don't give me a hard time on this one...) but I decided I should post my newest Christmas story for you.  If you go to this link, you'll find it... and feel free to check out my other stories while you are there!

baby cabbage


28 weeks down, and I now have a 15-inch long, 2 1/4 pound little one rolling in my tummy! Time is flying by, but we really don't mind :) We have nearly everything we need, minus the small things that I am sure we will get during my baby showers. My parents are also bringing out a car-full of stuff that they have found for baby. I think they have been just a little bit excited! I am really looking forward to spending time with my mom as we set up and decorate the baby's room. There is just something about having your mother around when you are pregnant! I am glad I get to spend a few days every month with her for the next 4 months or so. I am just hoping they can both make it across the 1,000 miles we live apart in time for our little bundle of joy's arrival!!!

My dad also made us a gliding rocking chair for our nursery. I am beyond thrilled to get it in Kemry's cute little room! It looks amazing, and I am so lucky to have such amazing parents who care so much about us, even when they are so far away!

Isn't it beautiful?!?
In other, somewhat depressing news, I have now passed Tyrel in weight. Boo. I guess it isn't too much of an accomplishment since he hardly weighs any more than I did pre-pregnancy, but at least I am moving up!

Today I went in for my glucose tolerance test. Luckily, after one sick, nasty little drink, an hour of waiting, one vial of blood, and a flu shot, I passed with flying colors. I was dreading having to go in again for the three-hour test, but now I don't have to worry about it (thank heavens). I also have no guilt diving into our heaping bowl of post-Halloween candy...bring on the sweets :)



I discovered something about Halloween this year. While it serves as an excuse for some girls to dress a little trashier than other days of the year, Tyrel used it to grow a mustache. As much as I love Tyrel, let's just say his furry face-friend was gone right after we woke up the next morning :)

Now we are moving on to Thanksgiving! This means a visit from my parents, and I can hardly wait! After that, we have Christmas...and then BABY!!!

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