a little bit of frozen, snowed-in turkey time


Oh, Thanksgiving! Aren't you beautiful?

When you end up looking something like this, however... aren't quite as lovely.

Cons of Thanksgiving 2010:
  • My parents get snowed-in in Montana
  • Tyrel's sinuses going INSANE
  • Me catching the start of a cold
  • Nasty, scary, icy roads
  • Canceling our Thanksgiving travel plans
  • Some of Tyrel's family getting snowed-out of my baby shower that Coya worked so hard on
  • Bllllaaaaack Friday in retail....

Pros of Thanksgiving 2010
  • My parents getting here PERIOD!
  • Time spent with my whole family...which happens maybe once a year
  • Only having to work 4 days this week
  • NOT having to go in early on Black Friday :)
  • Black Friday shopping ONLINE in the comfort of my own home
  • Finishing the nursery with my mom and dad
  • Also getting to spend time with Tyrel's whole family
  • Having a WONDERFUL baby shower, regardless of the snow
  • My parents finally getting to see the baby bump and feel/see her move around
  • Eating a lot of food, watching a little Elf, cuddling in the warmth
  • Getting a little spoiled ;)
  • 2 extra days with my family in my cozy little apartment
  • The fact this list outnumbers the cons list!
...and, finally...
  • Hitting my 31 week mark! Kemry comes in T-Minus 9 weeks! 

So, while it was blistery and chilly outside, I had everything that I am thankful for right there with me the whole time...Thank you, Thanksgiving :)


  1. Cute post! It's always good to have more pro's than con's isn't it? Love your baby bump pic! I can't believe you only have 9 weeks left! That is so crazy! It was so great to see you guys, I'm glad you made it to Grandma and Grandpa's yesterday. It was a lot of fun!

  2. I love this post! You just wrote it all so well. I'm glad your pros outweighed all those darn cons. It's amazing how snow can change so much. Thankfully you still got to see your family! How wonderful. I'm so glad we got to see you guys on Thanksgiving though! We need to have you and Tyrel over for dinner soon. Something nice and warm!


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