friday happy list


I have been in a funk the last few days.
Has it been just me, or have you been, too?
Is it the weather sloooowly changing to fall?
Or maybe that I can't seem to get a full night's sleep?

Today I wrote out a check to finish paying off our doctor bills.
I realized that Kemry's pregnancy/labor/NICU costs were only $200 more than what my miscarriage costs were.
And I had a moment.
A couple tears in my closet.

But now I am determined to break this funk I am in.
Funkity funk funk.

Thus, here are 10 things that make me happy:

My mom and dad are coming up to spend the weekend with us. I am seriously the happiest daughter on the planet!

 I finally put our engagement/wedding pictures in a book. We use MyPublisher and have done a book every year since Tyrel and I have been together. We just never got around to doing those nice ones :)
It came in the mail today, and it turned out beautifully!

Tyrel makes this wicked omelet/breakfast sandwiches every morning.....and today he even made one just for me.

We took Kemry to the Children's Museum where she got to meet "Dorge" in person.
Happiest little girl ever.

Fall TV starts soon.
Totally happy about that.


My house is clean.
100% spotless.
For about five minutes.

Refurbished Wii online for $49?
Now Tyrel HAS to play games with me.

Fall is coming.
Someday it will be here.
It's my favorite.


And now 10 things to make YOU happy:


Jersey Shore has finally been cancelled.

A little girl in Louisiana left rules for her stuffed animals during Hurricane Issac since she went out of town. Darling!

The Paralympics.
How can you not be happy and inspired by them?

Remember this?
Tell me you didn't smile.



Maybe it doesn't make you happy, but you would be pretty stoked to be that kid.



Hope you are now funkless.
Have a great weekend!

como and the unrelated tale of rhubarb


We try to get out and explore every chance we get.
Whether it be on Tyrel's day off or in between hectic appointments, we load up in the car and check something off of our Minnesota-to-do List.
Since summer is slowly coming to a close, we decided to hit up Como Zoo.
Kemry sure loves her animals, you know?
The two best parts of the zoo:
1. The monkeys (since Kembot thinks every monkey is Curious George, and she will shout it to the world... "Dorge! Dorge!!!")
2. Free. We love free stuff. Like a lot.
But don't worry. We donated :) We aren't that cheap.

And I also love that Kemry looks as though she is going to hurl in the picture. Classic.

In other related news, someone stole our rhubarb.
As in stole.
With a shovel.
The whole plant.

Who does that?
It had been buried in weeds along our fence, and my mom discovered it while we were sprucing things up.
It only had two good stalks on it, so I hope they felt like they got their efforts worth.
I don't particularly care, but what a laaaaaaame thing to steal.

Why not steal one of my neighbor's rhubarb plants, all lined up nicely in the alley, large and bushy?
Nope. That puny one in the middle of some folks yard looks preeeeeetty nice.

Crazy Minnesotans.

kemry digs the lake


But seriously.
She really does.
We finally got a chance to go boating and swimming last weekend, and we loved it.
Water, sun, friends, food, killer bees.
What's not to like, right?
The only thing about fall approaching is that we don't get to do much more of this kind of stuff.
But then we get crunch leaves, pumpkin cookies, and cute jackets.
And I can't wait.

Harlow and Kemry... or "Huhwoh" and "Kemmie" as the affectionately call each other.

someday i will get back into the swing of things


I promise.
No more neglected blog!
Today, I unpacked our very last box, and it feels super great.
{We are just going to ignore the fact that I shoved stuff in random drawers and now have to organize it all...}
The last month has been so wonderful!
We are loving Minnesota, the perks of Ty's new job, the new friends we have made, and the new things we get to explore.
While the house is still in progress, we just adore it. 
Small, cozy, and cute-quaint as can be.

And, just for the grandparents, here are a bazillion pictures of what we have been up to Kemry.

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