como and the unrelated tale of rhubarb


We try to get out and explore every chance we get.
Whether it be on Tyrel's day off or in between hectic appointments, we load up in the car and check something off of our Minnesota-to-do List.
Since summer is slowly coming to a close, we decided to hit up Como Zoo.
Kemry sure loves her animals, you know?
The two best parts of the zoo:
1. The monkeys (since Kembot thinks every monkey is Curious George, and she will shout it to the world... "Dorge! Dorge!!!")
2. Free. We love free stuff. Like a lot.
But don't worry. We donated :) We aren't that cheap.

And I also love that Kemry looks as though she is going to hurl in the picture. Classic.

In other related news, someone stole our rhubarb.
As in stole.
With a shovel.
The whole plant.

Who does that?
It had been buried in weeds along our fence, and my mom discovered it while we were sprucing things up.
It only had two good stalks on it, so I hope they felt like they got their efforts worth.
I don't particularly care, but what a laaaaaaame thing to steal.

Why not steal one of my neighbor's rhubarb plants, all lined up nicely in the alley, large and bushy?
Nope. That puny one in the middle of some folks yard looks preeeeeetty nice.

Crazy Minnesotans.


  1. Your hair is so long! I also love Kemdoodle's shoes. They are super cute! I'm glad you are guys having fun. :)

  2. Love the first photo of Kemry. Reminds of the Dr. Suess musical you were in and she's a little Who.


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